GAY JESUS – Short Film Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now
  • WRITTEN BY: Paul M McAlarney
  • DIRECTED BY:Paul M McAlarney
  • STARRING:Richard Chandler, Aurora Grabill, Sam Hays

Read that title again. Feel offended? Then do yourself a favor and just click on away from here post fuckin’ haste, ‘cuz things are going to get waaaay more insane very, very fast.

So here we go; GAY JESUS is the story of ol’ JC and Judas…except they are completely in lust with one another. So these two fun lovin’ dudes hole up in a el scumo hotel room in Jerusalem where they right sermons and fuck a lot. Before long things get complicated by the arrival of Mary Magdalene, whom Jesus of course has to screw, which causes Judas to have a conniption fit (helped in no small part by Satan of course). You can guess where that leads…but what you probably wouldn’t guess is the inclusion of women pissing, copious amounts of schlong, and good ol’ gore…oh, and a laugh track.

As you can tell, this is one fucked up short feature. But, it’s a fucked up feature with a message (like all of writer/director Paul M McAlarney’s films); namely don’t be a homophobic dick (oh, and jealousy is rather shit too) .It also contains some really nice lighting and solid acting, but let’s be honest; if you chose to watch a flick called GAY JESUS, then the only thing you demanded was outrageousness, and let me tell ya, you get more of that than you could ever bargain for!

So; there you have it; but form your own opinion if you choose to check it out (if you’re 18+ that is), which you can do right here!

And with that, so closes The Outre Eye…but all is not lost; my revoltin’ reviews will now be featured exclusively on That’s Not Current!



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