Werewolves in Siberia are about to release a killer lil’ slice of awesome; an E.P. titled TRANSCONTINENTAL ROAD RACE on January 17th (which is also the same day as Roger Corman unleashes his sequel to DEATH RACE 2000; DEATH RACE 2050).

As you can surmise from the title of this bad boy; it too is inspired by ol’ Crazy Corman’s 1975 masterpiece…and let me tell you; the music contained herein should have been the score to the new film, as once again the wicked Werewolves die-liver a sonic assault of pure synth frenzy; including what just may be my favorite WIS tune ever; Frankenstein the Indestructible, an ominous, sound bite laden assault that really drives home the bad assery of the character brought to life by the late, great David Carradine!

Be sure to head here on the 17th and pick up a copy for your own damn self; and tell ’em XIII sent ya!

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