• RELEASE DATE: Click Here For Info
  • WRITTEN BY:Paul M McAlarney
  • DIRECTED BY:Paul M McAlarney
  • STARRING: Tony Moran, Lloyd Kaufman, Debbie Rochon

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Okay, I thought I had seen the height of cinematic lunacy when I viewed Paul M McAlarney’s HONKY HOLOCAUST, but let me tell you creeps that flick doesn’t even hold a cum covered candle to what awaited your’s cruelly when he popped his putrid peepers upon the same director’s punk rock infused opus THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE!

In a weird society just a few steps to the side of our own, young Sal Purgatory is looking to heal his broken heart; the result of a recent break-up. Well he just so happens to fall for a comely punkette and as their relationship grows, so too do the tensions between the vulgar (yet ultimately heroic) punks and the local law enforcement (who in turn are aided and abetted by a neo-nazi group). But the punks aren’t the only poor bastards on the gendarmes shit list, as the goons routinely rape and kill female homeless, who are part of some sort of bum cult. While this all seems insane enough, I have to mention that the Mafia and monsters are involved as well. Before long everything erupts in all out war, as dicks are exposed, shits are taken, guts are spilled, and blood sprays freely. I love this fucking movie!


The only way I can adequately describe the experience of THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE is; picture if John Waters had Sid Vicious as a muse rather than Divine, then decided to make flicks for Troma. Yup; fucking fantastic, right?!! You bet your ass it is!

Along with all of the off-kilter kill-crazy antics; there is a current of social consciousness (though not as prevalent as the anti-racisim message of HONKY HOLOCAUST) with a strong “abuse of power” and the need to kick against the pricks being chief among them. Also of note is how derogatory terms lose their meaning when used casually…you’ll see what I mean when you watch the film…and you will watch the film…

In the negative column; this film is definitely not for everybody (as was the case with the aforementioned HONKY HOLOCAUST) . There is a sense of offensiveness that is so pervasive that some of you weaker constituted fiends will never make it through the first ten minutes; but for the rest of us (a.k.a. the Cool Kids Club)…this flick is like a breath of fresh fuckin’ air (though one heavily scented with cheap booze and smokes) in genre cinema.


To sum it all up; I can emphatically state; if this film came out in the late ‘70’s or very early ‘80’s it would be revered as a masterpiece of exploitation cinema, no to mention a life changing flick for bored suburban kids just ready to rebel. I’m just going to come right out and say it; Paul M McAlarney represents just what we need; a ballsy as fuck film maker with a strong voice and no fear in presenting unsettling imagery accompanying an important message or two…all in the name in grind house ass foolery. Check it out when you can my creeps!






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