• RELEASE DATE: Available January 10th on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY:Paul M McAlarney
  • DIRECTED BY:Paul M McAlarney
  • STARRING: Maria Natapov, LaNecia Edmonds, Lucas Fleming

When I park my ass in front of a flick distributed by those mad bastards over at Troma I expect to see a certain level of political incorrectness and gross out nonsense, but let me just assure you fine fiends upfront; they have hit some new levels of low with their release of Paul M McAlarney’s HONKY HOLOCAUST…and this site being what it is, you know that’s a compliment!

So dig this premise; in an alternate reality, Charles Manson and his “family” commit their heinous crimes then retreat to an underground bunker to wait for the helter skelter race war they managed to incite to end and for white people to reign over the world. Well, Charlie rots away and passes the torch to a real grade-A psycho and supreme racist (replete with outrageously huge swastika belt buckle) Dan Masucci, and after thirty years Dan leads the remaining members of the Family, including Manson’s daughter Kendra, to the surface. Imagine their delight to find that the war didn’t go ass expected, and now African Americans are in charge. What follows is an explosively gory, completely offensive whirlwind of deviant imagery including, but in no way limited to; maggot filled corpse genitalia, pregnant women being shot and urinated on, severed dicks flying left and right, and gallon upon gallon of the red sauce flowing like rain. Oh, and there’s a pretty poignant message in there too believe it or not.

Like many a great exploitation flick of the past, HONKY HOLOCAUST is filled with outlandish villains and crowd pleasing nudity and violence taken to extremes…and a surprisingly astute commentary on social issues presented in a way that is every bit as zany as the insanity that surrounds it.

And therein lies the main negative of this film (if you want to look at it that way). The violence, nudity, and racial slurs are so completely omnipresent and in your face that some viewers (although what viewer would be a big enough dumb ass to go through the trouble of seeking out a specific Troma flick and not know what they were getting into would be rather slim I wager) may be turned off and miss the heart and soul of the film; namely racism is bullshit, and benefits absolutely no one.

To sum shit up; HONKY HOLOCAUST is exploitation cinema done right; it’s fearless, brutal, full of D.I.Y punk rock spirit, and crafted with a whole lot of heart on a budget the size of a fly’s pecker…oh, and it’s entertaining as hell to boot. I can’t urge you creeps to check it out post-fucking-haste!







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