THE COOK – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available January 3rd on VOD (Click Here for More Info)
  • WRITTEN BY:Joshua Miller
  • DIRECTED BY:Joshua Miller
  • STARRING: Jeremy Castaldo, Amber Tranum, Wade Blevins

A young TV star and his pals trek off into the wilds of an abandoned park to hold a memorial party for a deceased friend. Well wouldn’t you know it; a bizarre ass drug addled psycho who decides to murderize our goofy gang one by one after they traipse into his lab. Such is the plot for off-kilter slasherific shocker THE COOK from Brain Damage Films.

Right off the bat you can tell that THE COOK isn’t going to set the world alight with it’s blazing originality; attractive young folk enter a secluded area and get royally fucked up…a classic since 1980 (and yeah, yeah…I know there were proto slashers well before; but ol’ FRIDAY THE 13TH was the one that made it “a thing”).

So what does THE COOK do to set it head and shoulders above the pack? Well the answer to that is the titular killer. The Cook is some sort of appointed punisher of the wicked and he is out of his skull on meth as he goes about his horror biz resulting in some rather nifty hallucinogenic ass-foolery. It all adds an air of at least an attempt at providing something left of the norm.

But, as always, all isn’t blood and roses with THE COOK. For starters, the acting in this thing is absolutely atrocious. I can appreciate working with friends or giving folks a shot…but this is a bit much (and you know I’m a forgiving mother fucker). Also, the sound mix leaves a bit to be desired as background noises get distracting AF (I’m pretty sure most of the audio for this bad boy was recorded live).

All that being said, I enjoyed THE COOK for what it is. The Cook is a sleazy, crazy mother, and the lighting and imagery are occasionally pretty damn cool, as are the kills that stay mostly on the side of over-the-top blood soaked gags rather than the abhorrent torture porn that is way too prevalent these days.

If you are a slasher fanatic, this stalk n’ slay foray will likely satisfy, but I doubt it’ll make your top ten of terror.



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