• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase)
  • WRITTEN BY: Greg Lamberson
  • DIRECTED BY:Greg Lamberson
  • STARRING: Craig Sabin, Mary Huner, T.J. Merrick, Jennifer Bihl, Kealan Patrick Burke, Debbie Rochon

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Man, the good ol’ days sure did have a fascination with body meltin’ horror; and I have seen the lion’s share of these melty, gooey flicks such as STREET TRASH and…and…o.k. STREET TRASH is kinda the gold star standard here; but it was a good one! Well lo and behold Camp Motion Pictures have saw fit to introduce me to another classic of the genre by sending me their new double feature release of SLIME CITY and it’s 2010 sequel SLIME CITY MASSACRE!

Beginning with SLIME CITY, you can tell right off the bat you are in ultra-low budget land as the film displays that “look” that was made famous by Henenlotter or early Troma; that visual style commonly known as “no money”. But, like around roughly 99% of my all-time fav fright flicks, the film makers said “fuck it”, and decided to go hog wild with outlandish concepts and zany effects (a trend director Greg Lamberson continues to this day as his latest feature KILLER RACK shows).

To put the story in a nutshell; SLIME CITY tells the tale of Alex; a run of the mill art student that moves into an apartment building inhabited by tenants that are…well, they’re fucked up is what they are. Take Roman for instance; this dude (a member of a strange cult) has Alex over to share Himalayan yogurt (that just so happens to come in green and blue) and liquor concocted by an alchemist…which would be odd enough, but the strange repast has the effect of changing Alex into a slime dripping, melt faced murder machine. Glop, puke, and mildly disapproving parents flash across the screen with wild abandon. It’s like Jekyll and Hyde meets bukkake.

While a bit slow here and there, SLIME CITY nevertheless delivers when it comes to off the wall characters and jaw dropping effects; though whether said jaw drops due to technical expertise or a lack thereof varies from scene to scene. That being said, I dug on all of the splattery goodness six ways to Sunday, and applaud what was delivered with the means available, and honestly, that’s all that counts to gore hounds that eat this shit up; the subtle nuances of line delivery or lighting don’t mean a damn, we just want copious gore and red sauce, and I can safely say this flick damn well delivers!

So SLIME CITY is cool AF, but Camp have included a shit ton of extras to accompany the flicks on this release to give ya a lil’ more bang for your barf covered buck! For the lead feature you get two audio commentaries; one from 2006 featuring writer/director Greg Lamberson and star Craig Sabin that is more anecdotal, and another from 2016 with Lamberson flying solo that is more nuts and bolts about the film’s production and distribution. Along with the chit-chat you also get archival featurette detailing SLIME CITY’s production, a lengthy interview with lead actors Craig Sabin and Mary Huner (which covers their work in SLIME CITY and beyond), and a handful of trailers and promos.

So, SLIME CITY was a rollicking good time, let’s see how it’s sequel fares…

SLIME CITY MASSACRE kicks things off with a flashback to 1959, an apocalypse, a bizarre scene with Lloyd Kaufman (that old timey music), and a guitar riff laden song about slime…and this is the first five minutes. For 99% of you I wont even have to type anything else because you are completely sold…but I’ll sum shit up anyway ‘cuz I’m a real pro.

In the shell shocked post-apocalyptic remains of Slime City, a gaggle of survivors stumble across the secret stash of yogurt and hooch of the cult from the original film (whose origins are told via the reoccurring aforementioned flashbacks) which they of course consume. They of course become slime covered lunatics in the blink of an eye and go on a kill-crazy hootenanny (eventually…first they fuck a lot). Also in the mix are a real estate tycoon that wants to develop Slime City into an upscale property and his hired commandos out to eliminate the local homeless population for extra shenanigans. Oh, and there’s also a dude finger banging a bathtub full of slime…don’t ask.

While a completely different animal from it’s predecessor, SLIME CITY MASSACRE is nevertheless a great piece of truly independent cinema; and while locations and means are slim, the creativity and outrageousness are cranked to the nines to give the whole affair an “anything goes” aesthetic that is a ton of fun to lay putrid peepers upon! The only negative is this flick is missing the “warm and fuzzies” of the first flick due to it being a modern production rather than it being a product of the eerie eighties.

As for beastly bonus features, SLIME CITY MASSACRE comes complete with it’s own cornucopia of features including: a lively commentary track with director Lamberson as well as actresses Jennifer Bihl and Debbie Rochon, a blooper reel, a collection of behind the scenes footage, an interview with the film’s composer; MARS (who wears a rad-ass Death Records t-shirt), Also included is a rather awesome feature length “making-of” documentary that sheds light on just what it takes to make a low-budget monsterpiece such as this (trust me, it’ll make you want to get out there and do it for yourself if you’re so inclined).

Honestly, if you love the gritty, D.I.Y. style of 80’s genre film made famous in the grind houses of 42nd Street, then this is an absolute “must have” release!





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