SKELETON KEY 3 PART 2 – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available January 3rd (Click Here for More Info )
  • WRITTEN BY: John Johnson
  • DIRECTED BY:John Johnson
  • STARRING:John Johnson

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

For better or worse, there are times in this revoltin’ reviewing game where your’s cruelly is sent a motion picture that is just a bizarre experience from beginning to end…and this is definitely one of them.

SKELETON KEY 3 PART 2 (if there’s more of these fuckers instead of it being a LEONARD PART 6 type of deal I have no idea…and given the amount of research I do for this site we both know damn well that will remain a mystery forever), begins with a man named Howard being unfrozen from carbonite (isn’t that trademarked by some big corporation or two?) into a world over run with blue zombies (I say “over run” I mean there’s like six or seven of them). Before long he joins up with his friends (whose ranks include some sort of anime chick, a pirate, a soldier, a leprechaun…my head is starting to hurt) and attempts to set the world to rights. Improvised dialog (at least I think it is), catchy show tunes (yup, this flick is a partial musical), and (admittedly enjoyable) stale and corny jokes bombard your senses for a very, very long time (more on that soon). Oh, there’s also an invisible man, a nipple biting sock puppet, some orange-ass Putty Patrol reject, and…and…I just can’t go on.

On the positive side; SKELETON KEY 3 PART 2 is a truly unique flick that doesn’t give a fuck what it does or how it goes about it…nothing really makes sense and it’s politically incorrect  and for this type of a picture, that is all a bonus. Also, some of the actors are engaging, the songs are really fun, and there is a heapin’ helping of the ol’ red sauce and bouncin’ boobs (if that’s your type of thing…and we all know it’s mine).

Moving on to the negative, this movie is waaaaaaay too long. As a rule, any piece of off-the-wall fright flick nonsense should be 90 minutes max, and this lil’ slice of weirdness pie clocks in at just shy of two hours…that leads to bloat and periods where your attention will definitely wander. Also, this is a mega-low budget affair so don’t expect top shelf (or even competent) acting from many of the participants, or dynamic cinematography, lighting or effects (not a problem for me, but I know some of you just can’t warm up to a production like this).

If you can overlook it’s technical shortcomings and insane run time, there is some fun to be had with SKELETON KEY 3 PART 2, especially if you dig on Troma flicks and their like, but I can almost guarantee it won’t become one of your fav flicks anytime soon.



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