THE SUMMONING – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on VOD 
  • WRITTEN BY: Curtis Schultz
  • DIRECTED BY: Curtis Schultz
  • STARRING: Shanna Mclaughlin, Amy LoCicero, Brian C. Chenworth

Reviewed by Daniel XIII

A gaggle of goofs (and I do mean goofs…some of these fools are downright slapstick in their buffoonery) head out to a ragin’ par-tay in a secluded barn only to be waylaid by a group of black hoodie wearing satanic cultists (complete with dodgy CG morphin’ faces™) in the latest from Brain Damage Films; THE SUMMONING.

To elaborate on the above; a group of college kids head to a party, their vehicle’s engine conks out, and they trudge forward on foot through the woods. They are then chased and murdered by the monstrous members of a sinister Satanic cult. Fun practical gore and inexplicable cg nonsensery ensues. Hmmm, that isn’t much of an elaboration really, but this flick is rather simple in premise…and that ain’t a bad thing. It’s a straightforward stalk n’ slay affair with demonic overtones and a few laughs.

So, let’s start with the positives; the cast in this film is pretty damn solid. Even though they are playing “bros” and their vacuous female equivalents, these folks genuinely seem to be giving it their all, and some of the performances are honestly hilarious (like on purpose and everything)…it’s just damn refreshing to see a cast that are playing their roles with an earnest enthusiasm. The same goes for it’s storytelling; it’s an uncomplicated narrative to the max; but it moves at a great clip, and never pretends to be anything more than it is; namely, an excuse for attractive folks to get hacked to pieces by monstrous maniacs…and that earns it a ton of points with me; it delivers on it’s promise without being precious about it.

On the negative side of the coin, the CG in this film…well…she ain’t so good. I don’t know why folks with modest budgets try to utilize cg…it isn’t needed, and always looks off (hell, it doesn’t even look good in multi-million dollar pics). I appreciate what the film makers were trying to do with the tools, but it took me out of the film when it was on screen.

Simply stated, THE SUMMONING achieves what it sets out to be, namely a teens versus evil cult romp, rather successfully. It has heart (which gets you pretty far with your’s cruelly), and it gives us what we crave for the most part (namely boobs, blood, and bad guys). I say give it a watch; I doubt it’ll jump to the top of your favorite fright flicks of all time list; but it’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.



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