• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Christopher Maltauro, Vito Trabucco
  • DIRECTED BY: Vito Trabucco
  • STARRING: Jessica Sonneborn, Deborah Venegas, Kristina Page

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Three couples sit enjoying a jovial (if somewhat awkward) meal in a secluded cabin when their repast is interrupted by a wounded man at the door who promptly vomits blood on a member of the group, warns them to never open the front door, and dies. Thus begins the strange, Twlilight Zone-esque feature from director (and co-writer) Vito Trabucco.

So, that vomitee mentioned above (Tess by name) has a major hallucinogenic breakdown in the bathroom as she washes off the blood the stranger kindly splattered all over her. In the meantime, another Tess arrives at the cabin which is of course bizarre as all shit. Soon all hell breaks loose as the gang of goofs try to figure out which Tess is real while contending with incriminating text messages, bizarre figures outside the cabin, escalating in-fighting, and a monster.

First things first; this is a unique and entertaining fright flick! I can safely say the story for NEVER OPEN THE DOOR is definitely something you haven’t seen before, regardless of the now too familiar cabin in the woods setting. Adding to the plus column for this one; the black and white photography is rich and atmospheric, the score by Carlos Vivas is an excellent throwback to sinister cinema of decades past, and the camera angles are inspired and add to the claustrophobic feel as the tension mounts.

Now all isn’t perfect with NEVER OPEN THE DOOR. For one thing, the run time on this barely qualifies it for a feature…I mean this flick runs an hour and four minutes, so don’t expect an epic watch. Also; the acting gets pretty dicey sometimes as the dialog is largely improvised (including a scene where an actress says “What are you doing” roughly 4,567 times in a row). Neither of those things hampered my over-all enjoyment of the film; but it may stick in some of your craws.

As for the extras on this release, they are light. You get the film’s trailer, interviews with actress Jessica Sonneborn, director Vito Trabucco, and producer Christopher Maltauro. Rounding out the bonus material are a photo gallery and a tribute to make-up artist Maggie Dillon.

If you are a fan of flicks like Issac Ezban’s LOS PARECIDOS or the aforementioned Twilight Zone then you really should give NEVER OPEN THE DOOR a go; it’s a rad, one of a kind flick that uses it’s inspirations to make some thing worth watching instead of being a pale imitation.   








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