KILLER RACK – Movie Review

a1jq3yrju7l-_sl1500_KILLER RACK
• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase)
• WRITTEN BY: Paul McGinnis
• DIRECTED BY: Greg Lamberson
• STARRING: Jessica Zwolak, Debbie Rochon, Paul McGinnis

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

This is a movie about a woman that receives breast implants that murder people, by a doctor that worships ancient gods from Lovecraftian legend. You know me well enough by now to guess how I’m going to feel about this; but if it’s yer first time I’ll go gentle with you and tell you just why a movie called KILLER RACK is just what you need in yer life!

Unless you are the type o’ person that reads the second paragraph of a review first (and I know yer out there weirdo), ya already got the basics of this flick up yonder. Flat-chested girl next door type Betty (Zwolak) wishes she had some fresher produce with which to get a-breast of the competition in life so she seeks the counsel of Dr. Thulu (Rochon), a plastic surgeon and servant of ancient dark gods, who naturally gives her a pair of gigantic tits that eat people.

The easiest way I could describe KILLER RACK would be to imagine if somehow Frank Henenlotter and Russ Meyer were grafted together and they decided to make a movie for Troma. It’s tasteless, crude and packed ass to elbow with politically incorrect material…and a musical number, so you know it’s an absolute delight!


Now as great as the feature is, I’d be a boob if I didn’t mention the bouncin’ bonus features on this beauty! First up is a lively commentary featuring director Greg Lamberson, writer Paul McGinnis, star Jessica Zwolak, and producer Rob Durick that details the production of the film. Also included are a behind the scenes featurette, more than a handful of deleted scenes, two short films and an assortment of trailers for other films from Camp Motion Pictures (who just so happened to release this film as well ‘natch).

I loved the living hell out of every second of this off-kilter tit-a-whirl of a fright flick, and if you dig any or all of the folks mentioned a few seconds back; I’m willin’ to bet dollars to double D’s you will too…but you’d already decided that you had to see this from the get-go didn’t ya?



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