• RELEASE DATE: NowAvailable on DVD and VOD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Guilherme Aranha, Rafael Baliú, M.M. Izidoro
  • DIRECTED BY: Rodrigo Gasparini, Dante Vescio
  • STARRING: Pedro Caetano, Pedro Carvalho, Mariana Cortines

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Stop me if you’ve heard this one my creeps; a group of comely young folks hole up in a secluded residence and then proceed to be harassed, hounded, and haunted by a demonic force that is both evil and dead. Sound like anything you’ve seen before? Well, let me tell you my fiends, while this may all seem like a road well traveled, there is much more to the film under my preternatural gaze this evening. So sit back and let me tell ya why THE DEVIL LIVES HERE is much more than meets the outre eye!

So yeah, as stated, a group of folks head to a secluded villa to visit their friend…a friend that knows the blood soaked legacy of the haunted hacienda. Ya see, a long time in the past, the property was ruled by a slave owning Honey Baron (a great sin-ema villain if ever there was one) that abused his indentured work force like a mother fucker. Oh, and a mother fucker he truly was as he impregnated the mother of one of his slaves (who of course he murdered); which had the adverse affect of the woman sacrificing her unborn son to lay the Baron low. What does this have to do with our heroes in the house? Well it seems that the murdered slave has been resurrected and the spirit of the Baron wants him destroyed, so he goes about possessing one of our gang to do his dirty deeds.

This all leads to a film quite unlike anything this groovy ghoul has ever seen before, regardless of how familiar it all seems on the surface. For those that require comparisons before they dive into a fright flick, I’d say the best way to imagine the arcane aesthetics of THE DEVIL LIVES HERE is to picture a film created by Sam Raimi and Dario Argento working in tandem. Sound insane? Well it is and amazingly the style gels into something loaded with mounting tension, ancient rituals, and visual flair for miles.

If there’s a check in the negative column for this flick, it’s that it has it’s own unique dream logic that plays by it’s own rules. Now, those of you that read this column on the regular know that I eat that shit up with a spoon; but for some of you more literal cats this is a big stumbling block for your enjoyment of a fright flick. Other than that, I got nothin’…

In short, I really can’t recommend THE DEVIL LIVES HERE enough; it’s a fantastic fright flick that plays like a fever dream and features a great villain that you’ll love to hate. Check this one out immediately my creeps!







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