• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Nicholas St. John
  • DIRECTED BY: Abel Ferrara
  • STARRING: Abel Ferrara, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Reno (Ferrara), a young struggling artist in New York City, lives with two hot chicks and looks a bit like Paul Stanley. He also can’t finish his masterpiece, pay his rent or his phone bill (well, he solves that one by chucking the damn phone right out the window), and is seriously annoyed by the punk band (Tony Coca-Cola and his band The Roosters, who I hope you enjoy as they get an ass-load of screen time) that moves in downstairs. So how does our hero handle life’s stress? Well by hallucinating his ass off and drilling holes in the neighborhood bum populace of course!

Now first things first, if you go into THE DRILLER KILLER expecting a straight on slasher flick you are going to be confused as all fuck. Ol’ DRILLER is a horror film hidden within the shell of an art house film that details intimately the state of New York City in the late ‘70’s; and that state ain’t good. Starving artists, the homeless, and punk rockers co-exist in a world covered in grit and grime…a world constantly simmering and waiting to give birth to a destructive force. Add into that mix a gaggle of eccentric characters and a murder spree and you got one surreal fright flick that’s anything but standard!

While THE DRILLER KILLER is a straight up, one of a fucking kind classic, and it assuredly deserves a place in your creepy collection, I can assure you that this is the version of the film that dominates any other released. To kick things off, this baby is presented in a brand new restoration so every lurid color, sloppy slice of pizza, and errant exposed chest hair is presented beautifully. Adding to that you get two cuts of the film, the theatrical version and a longer pre-release version. Next are a brand new, anecdote filled commentary with director/star Abel Ferrara himself, a new interview with the same where the director details how he began his film making career, and a visual essay covering Ferrara’s body of work. Also included is a feature length documentary by Ferrara titled MULBERRY ST. which offers an intimate portrait of the neighborhood where Abel shot his early films. Rounding out the package is the film’s trailer.

As I said, THE DRILLER KILLER is a mother fuckin’ must own for any fan of the real deal grindhouse cinema; and you can bet your ass that this release from Arrow is the way to own it!








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