CREEPSHOW 2 – Movie Review


• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
• WRITTEN BY: Stephen King, George A. Romero
• DIRECTED BY: Michael Gornick
• STARRING: George Kennedy, Lois Chiles, Domenick John

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Here it comes boils and ghouls, my review of an arcane anthology I watched a grand total of once nearly thirty years ago (I may have seen it on TV a few more times as well, who fucking knows) and thought to myself; “Meh, this kinda blows”. Now before you get all hot and fuckin’ bothered remember I was just a kid, and I often had dumb ass opinions, so I’m givin’ this one the ol’ benefit of the demonic doubt. So with that disclaimer spewed forth; let’s park our asses in front of CREEPSHOW 2!

After a rather awesome live-action/animation hybrid opener (whose narrative continues between each segment) where a lil’ scamp waits for the arrival of the latest issue of the Creepshow comic (which conveniently enough is delivered by “Not quite” Uncle Creepy of E.C. Comics fame, we dive into our first tale; Old Chief Wood’nhead. Wood’nhead is the seemingly schmaltzy tale of a store owner in a dead town that receives a gift of good faith from the local Native Americans who have been unable to pay for the goods they have needed from the shop. Things get even more heart warming when the wooden Indian statue outside the store comes to life and rips a gang of hoodlums a new ass hole for some sweet, sweet revenge. Fun for all!

Next up is The Raft, which concerns a gaggle of hard partyin’ ‘80’s teens© who listen to generic rock while swimmin’ it up rad-dog style. Before long they find themselves stranded on a floating raft where they are menaced by some trash bags masquerading as a monster. It’s a gooey, gory good time…and just a smidge rapey.

Finally we have The Hitch-hiker which concerns a wealthy young woman running afoul of a menacing (and preternatural) hitch hiker after she runs his ass down and drives away post-fucking-haste. Things get rather absurd rather fast as the hitch hiker simply will not die no matter how much abuse our well-to-do “heroine” throws his way. This is by far the most E.C. Comics influenced of the tales presented with it’s themes of revenge from beyond the grave. Also of note, ol’ Stevie K. himself shows up in a cameo.

So let’s just get this out of the way; I was dead fucking wrong about CREEPSHOW 2 lo’ those many years ago. This film is pure nonsensical, horror comic book influenced good times. The stories move fast, the plots are simple and effective, and there’s plenty of gore to go around. The only way this flick falls short of the original is in visual bravado; as CREEPSHOW was filmed to look like a comic book brought to life where as this film looks like your average fright flick (with a few creative lighting choices here and there).

So there you have it; I’m a newly declared fan of ol’ CREEPSHOW 2; and while I believe that is the only fire you need under your ass to run out and grab this thing; there are plenty of beastly bonus features to make this release from Arrow Video well worth your time. First up is a personable and informative commentary from director Michael Gornick, moderated by Perry Martin that details the complete production of the film in a lively manner. Next up are interviews with screenwriter George Romero (wonder if he ever did anything else?), legendary make-up artist Tom Savini (who played “The Creep” in the wrap-around segments), actors Daniel Beer and Tom Wright, and FX artists Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero. Rounding out the package is a piece on Howard Berger’s mentor Rick Baker, a collection of behind the scenes footage (focusing on Savini as “The Creep”), an image gallery, and a collection of trailers an TV spots.

If you love moldy-oldy creeptastic comic books, fun fright flick spills n’ chills, or (logically enough) the first CREEPSHOW; then this is the release for you! It’s a hell of a flick given some serious love and I highly recommend it!





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