• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD and On Demand (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
• WRITTEN BY: Mary J. Dixon, Scott B. Hansen
• DIRECTED BY: Scott B. Hansen
• STARRING: Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

After an astoundingly strong opening segment that features horror biz stalwart Bill Moseley as a priest that fucks up an exorcism royally (and in turn gets quite fucked up himself…literally); the true story of THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT reveals itself.


Our hero Brandon (Minor) decides to do a class project on…now get this, exorcisms! Crazy right?! So he does some crackerjack research; i.e. he watches some rando Youtube videos of unfortunate young ladies possessed by any ol’ manner of evil presence (and admittedly; this footage is rather well done too). Anyway; before long he finds the footage of the events that opened this dog n’ demon show and after further research comes up with a truly mind-bogglingly shit idea; to get himself possessed (on film) in the manor where shit went as far south as you can go. What could go wrong?

First things F’n first; let’s talk about what this fright flick does right. As I mentioned above; the possession sequences are top flight, and while they feature the classics (levitation, fluids a flyin’, weird contortions); they are all presented at a frenetic pace and with great visual flare. Speaking of visuals; this film has some lush cinematography for a lower budget presentation. There are some strikingly beautiful compositions on display that give this one an air of being more than what it ultimately is. Also; while the story deals with social media (and that shit will age just fine, with nary a trace of being “dated”), and the tropes of the possession game; it’s fun enough and moves at a brisk pace (and the run-time hits that 80 minute sweet spot, minus credits, that is ideal for films like these). Hell, they even through in an amusing homage to ol’ Freddy; quips and all.

Now on the flip side, this film is heavily laden with all of the greatest (s)hits of the genre; as stated you’ve seen the nuts and bolts of these exorcism and possession scenes, and the film makers saw fit to even throw in a Ouija board for good measure. For me this isn’t a big deal, as long as things are presented with some flare (as it definitely is here); but for some of you creeps I know it’s a sticking point. One other negative is some of the acting is a bit dodgy, but again, not a huge deal in my opinion.

Look; if you’re looking for supernatural spills and chills; you could do worse than this surprisingly solid lil’ flick. As long as you don’t expect THE EXORCIST, or a new modern masterpiece that will set your collection alight with it’s sparkling brilliance then you will have a good time!





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