NIGHTSATAN – THE FEATURE FILM – Crowdfunding Campaign



Attention creeps; one of my favorite directors, the incomparable madman of sinful celluloid, CHRZU has launched a campaign to fund a full on feature film starring those post-apocalyptic synthesizer slinging bad-asses Nightsatan! Now trust me fiends, this thing is going to be one hell of a good time…don’t believe me? Here watch this to get a taste!

You’re hooked, right? You bet your arcane ass you are! So please head here and give CHRZU some love…well, give him money…ya can’t spend love…

What’s that? Still not convinced? Well, check out my revoltin’ review of the short film that serves as the inspiration for this lunacy!


STARRING: Inhalator II, Mazathoth, Wolf-Rami

Let me tell ya creeps, there have been like a billion times I have sat down and watched a trailer for something that looks like the most insane thing on Earth only to watch the finished product to discover a pile o’ mundane horse sh*t. So one day, this came to my attention:

Looks like the most high-octane 80’s style apocalyptic fever dream e’er committed to film, right? Well, color ol’ XIII surprised ‘cuz not only is the whole film exactly what is promised in that ol’ sneak peek, it is actually light years more insane and totally rad-ass!!!
The best way I can describe NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM is as follows; it’s like 24 minutes of playing with Masters of the Universe figures while jerking to an issue of Heavy Metal hooked up to a Mountain Dew IV…and that’s just the vibe of the film!

The storyline for this lil’ love letter to 80’s Italian MAD MAX inspired actioners and synth heavy soundtracks features a band of musical madmen (the eponymous Nightsatan) who live in a desolate desert playin’ electronic symphonic ritials for their sanity (fret not, it gets e’en stranger). Soon, our heroes run afoul of a transvestite tyrant and his “boy”, who delight in the torture of the nubile women that inhabit the wasteland. What follows is a delirious blend of cannibalism, ultra-gore, horniness and more world building than you’d find in a dozen flicks as Nightsatan undertakes the rescue of a damsel in distress whether she needs it or not!

Everything about this lil’ gem is pitch perfect; the costumes, effects, music…all of it creates an aesthetic I would never guess could be achieved outside of my own demented deliriums! Honestly, this gets my highest possible recommendation, and now I’m off to watch this for like the tenth time this week…and you should too!







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