• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD and VOD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
• WRITTEN BY: Byron C. Miller , Paul Morgan
• DIRECTED BY: Byron C. Miller
• STARRING: Tabitha Bastien, Jesse Lee Keeter, Conner Marx


-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Here’s one that flies in the face of what I usually dig on; namely copious amounts of gore and or creatures and over-the-top assfoolery (heaping helpings of bodacious babes ne’er hurt either). Nay, ol’ THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS here is filled to the brim with strong performances and story nuances, so I’m a lil’ out of my comfort zone here…

Speaking of comfort zones, Andrew (Keeter) is a homicidal kind o’ dude that thinks he’s well within his wheelhouse when he lures a comely young lass named Sarah (Bastien) back to his hotel room for a bit of the old murdilation mambo. Well, as lady luck would have it, Sarah is a bit of a Grade-A psycho herself! What we are then treated to are the two terror tales that brought these krazy killers together in a room at yer local Motel 666.

THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS is kinda an anomaly. It’s a low budget affair for sure, but the quality of performances and the strength of the dialog (which comprises most of the films content, though there are kills for sure…more on them in a bit) is a real cut above what you’d find in your average fright flick of this ilk. As a viewer we are taken full force into the mind of a psycho, and it isn’t a fun place to be that’s for sure, but god damn if the folks involved don’t make it an engaging journey.

As I mentioned above I love me some gore, and as I also mentioned above this flick does contain some kills, but that chocolate never gets in the peanut butter as the murders are of the more realistic variety and don’t feature any gore geysers. So if you’re expecting that kind of horror biz I gotta tell ya to look elsewhere.


So the flick is tight n’ outta sight, but if you need more gravy with your murder mashed potatoes; the fine fiends o’er at Artsploitation have saw fit to conspire with director Miller on some beastly bonus features. Included are a commentary track with the film makers that sheds light on the complete production of the film, a deleted scene (that gives the ol’ once over to a fright flick that came out a few years back), and a “making of” doc that provides a fascinating look at the creation of the flick from conception to production (and includes some great anecdotal material that highlights the craziness that is part and parcel of creating a truly independent entry in our beloved horror biz) .

While not my fav type of sin-ema, I really dug THE ANATOMY OF MONSTERS; it was cerebral, well written and acted and really made me feel like I needed a few extra showers (the kind where you switch out a wire brush for your luffa) after I watched it.





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