• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
• WRITTEN BY: Chieko Schrader, Leonard Schrader
• DIRECTED BY: Sheldon Renan

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII
Here’s an odd one in these parts; a mondo doc about the rising culture of violence in these here United States in the modern age (well “modern” being 1982 anyway). Let’s settle in to the heart warming flick that’s sure to please the entire family; THE KILLING OF AMERICA!

Using the assassination of John F. Kennedy as a catalyst for the turbulent events to come; THE KILLING OF AMERICA cuts a bloody swath across two decades of a murder and mayhem burdened public. Shootings, robberies, interviews with serial killers; all are featured, and all present an atmosphere of nihilism that is as fascinating as it is disturbing…and when you stop and think that the statistics presented here have only increased in the decades since this flick was produced it’s hard not to simply sit and despair.

As much as (admittedly entertaining) of a downer as this flick is, there is a bit of a shining beacon of pure fun involved in this release; and that’s the score by SHOGUN ASSASSIN composers Mark Lindsay and W. Michael Lewis. It really is fantastic, and is as incredibly listenable as the film is hard to watch.

Speaking of Japanese things (just Google SHOGUN ASSASSIN…you’ll understand); this release also includes the Japanese release of the film (titled VIOLENCE U.S.A.); a two hour (as opposed to the 95 minute run-time of the original) re-edited version of the film that honestly stands alone as it’s own thing…it’s own, surreal, gore lingering thing…anyway, I digress; this version of the flick is the tits; and I actually prefer it to the original recipe version!

What’s that you say? You’re not satisfied with two versions of the feature film? Well, you greedy fucks are in luck, as those sexy devils at Severin have saw fit to include a whole host of bonus content including; a fascinating commentary with the film’s director, Sheldon Renan that details the insanity of getting the footage for this flick (an interview with Renan is included as well), as well as interviews with the film’s editor Lee Percy, and mondo doc aficionado Nick Pinkerton. Rounding out the whole affair is the film’s trailer.

Admittedly THE KILLING OF AMERICA isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of terrifying tea (hell, it isn’t even my kind of bag baby), but it is one hell of a flick and well worth your time; especially if you like your monsters in human disguises.





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