SHE KILLS – Movie Review


• RELEASE DATE: Available Now (Head Here for Details)
• WRITTEN BY: Ron Bonk
• STARRING: Jennie Russo, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Lately there has been a veritable ass-load of homages to my beloved grindhouse genre, some more successful than others. While most of these flicks include elements that are tongue-in-cheek, the film I’m lookin’ at next hits that damn cheek with its tongue so hard it rips clean through and drenches anyone within a 10 mile radius with gallons of gore. The flick is SHE KILLS, and you are definitely not ready for this one…

SHE KILLS tells the story of Sadie, a young innocent that is brutalized by a sadistic gang called The Touchers. Upon being gang raped she discovers her vagina is possessed by Satan and has all sorts of demonic powers. She of course then goes on a revenge spree unparalleled. Sound ridiculous? You bet your ass it is, and that’s exactly why it’s so damn awesome! Ron Bonk has created a flick that plays out like a what-if scenario involving Bo Arne Vibenius directing a distaff SOUL VENGEANCE after watching THE MANITOU…there’s a Crow comic in there as well. In other words this sh*t is off the wall bat-sh*t insane and I loved every single o’er the top (way, way o’er, my creeps) moment!

Made for next to nothing, this flick still manages to throw everything but the g-damned kitchen sink on the screen all enrobed in a thick layer of blood, sh*t and boobs. Now, make no mistake, this thing is played for laughs, but the love director/writer Bonk has for the source material is plain as day as the references get ever more obscure as the film plays out (not to mention some of the shots look as if they could actually be from the halcyon days of the ol’ Grindhaus).

If yer lokin’ for the perfect beers n’ buds flick, this will fit the bill perfectly…it’s gross, hilarious and mind-melting! I highly recommend SHE KILLS!!





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