• RELEASE DATE: Available on VOD November 22nd (Click Here for Info)
• WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Straiton, Ron Bonk, Mean Gene
• DIRECTED BY: Jonathan Straiton
• STARRING: Trey Harrison, Rebecca C. Kasek, Wayne W. Johnson

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII
When you have a film that begins with a janitor dude straight up boning a corpse which in turn gives him an STD that turns him into a zombie that sprays everything with piss before he proceeds to rape his own mother before ripping out her uterus and eating it, you know you’re in for something truly special…and let me assure you creeps; you ain’t seen one like NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE in a good long time; if ever!

After that charmer of an opener, we are introduced to a gaggle of goofs on their way down south for a lil’ Spring Break action. On the way there, one of their ranks contracts the aforementioned STD from the toilet at a gas station restroom that was frequented by our ghoulish pal mentioned above (who gets up to even more nauseating antics if you can believe it); and before you can say penicillin, folks in and around the flea-bag motel our “heroes” hole up in become fuck crazed zombies!

NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE is without a doubt, hands down, one of the most vile, depraved, stomach churning fright flicks I have ever laid my putrid peepers upon. It’s also absolutely hilarious (and intentionally to boot) as it features some cracker jack comedic gags in and among the balls out putrid perversion and spraying bodily fluids; all presented in a glossier than usual style that really makes you forget you are watching a lower budgeted flick.

As strong as the writing and direction from are; this film really benefits from the sheer amount of quality practical gore and make-up effects, and the menacing performance of Wayne W. Johnson as the lead monster Cornelius; he’s a true presence, and is amazingly game for all of the truly fucked up (and I mean fucked up) things this role asked of him!

If you couldn’t tell from my wicked words above; I loved the ever lovin’ shit out of this film! NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE is the type of fright flick we haven’t experienced since the glory days of Troma; it’s ballsy, disgusting, and absolutely rad as all fuck! Highest possible recommendation!




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