• RELEASE DATE: Coming Soon (Head Here to Keep Up to Date)
• WRITTEN BY: Nathan Thomas Milliner, P.J. Starks, Sean Blevins, Jason Turner,
• DIRECTED BY: Nathan Thomas Milliner, James Treakle, Sean Blevins, John William Holt, Jon Maynard, Justin M. Seaman
• STARRING: Caleb Shore, Christopher Bower and Julie Streble

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII


I really enjoyed the first VOLUMES OF BLOOD anthology; and on that you are just going to have to trust me as when my former haunt went tits up so too did every last one of my old reviews apparently. Anyway; I was pleased as poison punch when one of the fine fiends behind these terror tales; the right honorable Mr. P.J. Starks afforded your’s cruelly the opportunity to check out the sinister sequel, VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES!
Much like (o.k., exactly like) its predecessor ol ‘VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES is an arcane anthology so I’m gonna do a quick synopsis of each yarn before givin’ my overall opinion…

We open with a sequence of folks being murdered in a warehouse by a scarecrow…ya know what; I’m kinda already sold on this, especially after seeing that sweet, practical gore. Any f’n way; turns out this is a film within a film as we discover this is just another chapter in the Murder Death Killer series, a popular slasher franchise (at least within the universe of this fright flick)…which it turns out is being bitched about incessantly by a couple of horror nerds much to the chagrin of an employee of the theater where the flick is unspooling. What will become of that you may ask? I’m not spillin’ any beastly beans here my creeps!

Moving on, we have a tale of tricks or treats with a side order of murder! Seriously, can I just have a thunder sound effect accompany each blurb I do for these stories…I feel like fuckin’ Zacherley (Dagon rest his soul) up in this piece. This one is a fun, if brief, slasher homage with some arty flourishes.

Next is the tale of a young couple taking a final walk through of a home before they seal the deal. Lead on by a realtor that would be more at home giving a walkthrough of Castle Frankenstein than a split-level suburban, our hapless duo discover that their dream home is more akin to a nightmare (as we learn through the courtesy of the next few chapters that seem to be integral to the doomed domicile’s history).

Our next chapter concerns an insurance salesman makin’ a holiday house call (in this case Thanksgiving is the occasion in question). What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? How about a full on monster in the closet type o’ sitch! This one seemed like a long lost episode of TALES OF THE DARKSIDE or MONSTERS; and I absolutely loved it!

Up next we have the ol’ young couple about to get it on interrupted by blood covered psychotronic hallucinations resulting in a disappearing woman routine. Yeah; it’s pretty damn unique, and loaded with gallons of the ol’ red sauce, so bonus points there!
Surprisingly we get a Christmas story next, as we are privy to a woman’s mounting paranoia on Xmas eve which culminates in a visit from an outré stranger. Nearly devoid of dialog, and thick with atmosphere, this one is a real slice of slow burn fright flick film making with an absurdist ending that delivers on the ridiculousness and the horror hijinks. My third favorite of the bunch!

Lastly we have a lil’ ditty, from Justin M. Seaman, the writer/director of the highly anticipated slasher flick THE BARN, featuring the ol’ “woman tied-up in the basement” trope, but the whole affair is taken in a surprising direction with blood and vomit streaked consequences. It’s an outrageous spectacle and is reminiscent of an episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT if it was made by Troma…definitely a shit-ton of fun, and my second fav in the flick!


Of course before those credits roll (and as they do as well) the whole package is wrapped up in a gore drenched finale!

VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES is a rare breed; it’s an anthology that doesn’t include the obligatory “stinker story” that upon second viewing has me reaching for the fast forward button with time and space warping quickness. Every tale in this fright flick is solid and fun; and that alone would make this a “highly recommended” feature from your’s cruelly, but when you add to the mix the copious practical gore effects and excellent balance of divergent tones from tale to tale you got yourself a flick tailor made for repeat viewings (especially at this time of the ol’ year). Also it should be noted that you can tell the film makers have a real and honest love of our beloved genre; this isn’t some cheap-ass, let’s make a buck horror film; this was made by fans for fans and it really comes through in the final piece.

To sum the whole thing up; get your horror hound ass in front of VOLUMES OF BLOOD: HORROR STORIES as soon as you can; it’s a must see for each and every fright flick fanatic!




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