• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Head Here to Purchase a Copy)
• WRITTEN BY: David Mitchell
• DIRECTED BY: David Mitchell, Jamie Lockhart
• STARRING: Various

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Here’s one for you to sink your fearsome fangs into; a new doc from our fine fiends at Intervision that traces the story of ol’ fang banger numero uno, Dracula, from his historical roots all the way to his status as a fright flick icon! Let’s tread lightly as we follow THE TRAIL OF DRACULA!

THE TRAIL OF DRACULA conquerors a herculean task; examining the history of Dracula from the folk tale roots of the vampire, to his literary predecessors, to Bram Stoker’s legendary novel, to the most famous cinematic versions ever created…and it attempts to cover all of this ground in just over an hour! Now, you may think that discussing all of that material in such a minuscule amount of time would result in a rushed and light weight production; but amazingly it does not. Every point of our vicious vamp is covered with a decent amount of attention and includes anecdotes from engaging scholars, authors, and actors that know The Drac inside and out.

As solid as the main attraction is, it does run on the short side. Well, thankfully this package contains a few beastly bonuses to beef up the release. Included are brief archival interviews with Christopher Lee, Francis Lederer, Werner Herzog, and Udo Kier. These are admittedly pretty rando, but they do contain some entertaining nuggets. Now, there is one other special feature on THE TRAIL OF DRACULA that in my opinion is every bit as entertaining as the documentary it accompanies (and could have made for a fun stand alone release in my opinion); over 90 minutes of Dracula movie trailers. What an amazing fanged phantasmagoria of fun!

Bottom line; if you are an aficionado of all things Dracula you have already decided to purchase this baby (and I believe that even if you are very familiar with the subject you may still discover something new, as I did with the revelation that Orson Wells recorded a version of Dracula for the radio pre-WAR OF THE WORLDS), and if you are a neophyte to the material this will offer you a great overview of all you need to know to get your Drac on!



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