MY BLOODY BANJO – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Amazon MOD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Liam Regan
  • DIRECTED BY: Liam Regan
  • STARRING: James Hamer-Morton, Damian Morter, Dani Thompson

Everyone loves a good under-dog tale, and let me tell ya my creeps, ol’ XIII has one hell of a doozy for ya today! Strap yourself in for the off-kilter insanity of a loser who does the devil’s work at the behest of a figment of his imagination with the rude and crude MY BLOODY BANJO.

Ol’ BANJO goes a lil’ like this; put upon schlub Peltzer Arbuckle is treated like fresh dog squeeze by everyone from his ultra-intense boss to his mammoth breasted girlfriend, until one day he simply can’t take it anymore and brings forth his imaginary childhood friend Ronnie; a ridiculous violence obsessed maniac that makes our hero exact gory revenge on every prize-winning dick what ever stood in his way. Dick blood is sprayed (resulting in some impromptu surgery in loving close-up), condoms are emptied on people’s faces, drunken cooking montages ensue, and rad-ass practical gore is thrown around with wild abandon.

With its demonic imaginary character and penchant for extreme gross out gags; MY BLOODY BANJO could best be described as DROP DEAD FRED if it were made by Troma (though they name drop Henenlotter within the film and I can definitely see his influence as well)! The interplay between James Hamer-Morton and Damian Morter as Peltzer and Ronnie respectively is insanely entertaining as our resident nebbish tries to keep his cool as Ronnie manages to fuck up everyone within spitting distance six ways to Sunday.

For those that love gonzo absurdist sin-ema at its low brow finest; MY BLOODY BANJO is an absolute must see…it’s the greatest Troma film that Uncle Lloyd (who cameos in the film by the way) ne’er made! Highly recommended!





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