• RELEASE DATE: Available Now (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

It’s that time of year my creeps when the ol’ Ouija Board Kid is handed at least one new horror punk release to slap a revoltin’ review on. This year proves no different as I am set to fill the Crypt o’ XIII with a lil’ monstrous music as we speak…and what’s on the terror turntable you may ask; well none other than Dr. Hell with their release…oh, now come on…uhh, o.k. the album is called APOCALYPSE BOOBS. This is going to be interesting…

Spread out over seven tracks of arcane audio; APOCALYPSE BOOBS delivers a hard driving, gravel voiced, guitar drenched barrage of full on horror rock that’s equal parts Misfits and Motorhead; and it’s a pretty damn sweet combo if you ask this cool ghoul. For money, the best track on the album is Hate which could easily be an outtake from the aforementioned Misfits’ release Earth A.D. But there is variety to be had among these tracks my fiends as you get everything from full on punk rock (Zombie Zoundz) to a psychobilly influenced number (Shrunken Heads) to a haunting instrumental (the untitled intro track…and more on that one in a bit) to a hard rock cooker (Wasted Horror Punkrock Princess…which brings in that Motorhead influence I mentioned earlier).

As solid as I feel this lil’ release is, there are a few negatives…well more suggestions really. I would absolutely LOVE to hear these dudes bring in more melodic overtones like that truly superb and unexpected intro track into the rest of the album because man oh man do they do it well and if it wove in and out of the tracks proper Dr. Hell would be head and shoulders above a lot of their cemetery rock brethren. Additionally, and this is a selfish one, I just want to hear more than seven tracks on a release; these songs are awesome and I want more dammit!

All in all this is a solid horror rock release and I’d recommend adding it to your wretched rotation; it’s loud and lewd enough to wake the fuckin’ dead, that’s for sure!






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