BURIAL GROUND – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Piero Regnoli
  • DIRECTED BY: Andrea Bianchi
  • STARRING: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Simone Mattioli, Peter Bark

You know how when you are a connoisseur of something, let’s say for instance; Italian fright flicks, there tends to be tiers of quality? I mean you got your SUSPIRIA’s and your THE BEYOND’s, then you get a bit further out and you have your BUIO OMEGA’s and other hardcore shit…then things get a bit cheaper with the likes of Bruno Mattei and titles like HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD…and then you get right down there towards the bottom and you find things like the flick we are taking a look at today, BURIAL GROUND, and well…that’s the type of unadulterated nonsense that your’s cruelly can really sink his fangs into!

After an opening where the European equivalent of Rick Rubin attempts to stave off a zombie attack with this bon mot; “Wait, stand back; I’m your friend!” we get into the story proper of ol’ BURIAL GROUND…and by that I mean a bunch of jet settin’ folks getting’ their fuck on. Amongst all of the lusty goings-on we get introduced to the young son of one of the goofs mentioned above (inexplicably played by what looks like a thirty year-old dude…more on that in a bit) and his totally normal, not in any way fucked up relationship with his mother. I’ll be back in a sec; I suddenly have a craving for a glass of milk…

Oh, yeah; there’s also those zombies I was jawin’ about earlier, who make the scene and begin dispatching folks with gleeful ultra-gory abandon…and let’s be honest; the ol’ red sauce is why you watch putrid pictures like these in the first place; and man o man does BG die-liver! Bodies are torn asunder, guts are dutifully munched, zombie skulls are smashed in loving close-up, and a decapitation scene occurs that’s just about as batshit as they come!

That’s pretty much all there is; people have sex, zombies show up, the folks have to survive…it’s simple, extremely fast paced, and fun (not to mention often completely ludicrous and astoundingly gory). If only modern zombie outings could be this way…

As great as BURIAL GROUND is and as much as I have adored this flick for many, many years; I have to say I have never seen this film look better than it does on this release from Severin. Utilizing a new 2k transfer from a pristine 35MM print this is one gorgeous looking presentation; filled to the brim with vivid color and clarity that’ll make your eerie eyeballs pop (and seriously; the first version of this film I saw in my misspent youth looked akin to the print having been stored inside a whale’s arsehole in the briny depths).

That would be enough for me to endorse this release as high as (in)humanly possible; but those devilish devils at Severin have included some choice cuts in the ol’ beastly bonus department as well! To kick things off, you get a featurette on the film’s location main location Villa Parisi, followed by interviews with actor Simone Mattioli, producer Gabriele Crisanti, and actress Mariangela Giordano. Rounding things out you get some deleted and extended scenes, and the film’s trailer…oh, and that 30 year old dude playing the kid? Well that’s the one and only Peter Bark; he’s still kickin’ around and has a Q&A feature on here as well!

Simply put; you need this freakin’ thing like Dracula needs a vein to drain; this is essential material for the collection of each and every fan of those walkin’ stalkin’ livin’dead that are all the rage these days. Highest recommendation from your’s cruelly!





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