KILLBILLIES – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Tomaz Gorkic
  • DIRECTED BY: Tomaz Gorkic
  • STARRING: Nina Ivanisin, Lotos Sparovec, Nika Rozman

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Here comes one thAt promises to be a real hum-fucking-dinger of a fright flick; the tale of attractive people becoming decidedly less so at the hands of some deranged in-bred psychos…it’s DELIVERENCE by way of THE HILLS HAVE EYES with KILLBILLIES (that fucking title…)!

KILLBILLIES concern the exploits of an amateur model, her pal, and a photographer getting the absolutely brilliant idea to trudge on out to a remote, mountainous location to snap a few candids. Before you can say “Squeal like a pig”; our protagonists are set upon by a revolting duo of disfigured ass wipes that appear on the scene axe in hand (well one of them anyway, the other is masturbating as he walks…I can admire that; a real multitasker that one). These rascals immediately imprison the gang in their dungeon of an abode, and then systematically begin to bludgeon, torture women (in order to make moonshine…don’t ask), and generally terrorize everyone within their iron grip (I mean how could it not be with that one dude’s proclivities).

All assing around aside; KILLBILLIES is a solid lil’ romp through the ol’ stalk n’ slay genre. The villains are suitably off-putting; and the film manages to nauseate as well as keep a nice tense atmosphere throughout. It also must be said that this is one hell of a nicely shot fright flick…I wish more lower budget horror biz would look as rich as this production (which was itself a smaller budgeted affair). Also of note are the solid effects, especially with the make-ups on the killbillies themselves, and the work on display in the final shot of the film.

On the negative end; this film doesn’t add much to the slasher genre; the wooded location, menacing degenerate psychos, and attractive ladies in peril are all bog standard…but I seriously doubt those behind this film were attempting to reinvent the wheel (although the ending had a nice change of pace that of course I will not reveal here); writer/director Tomaz Gorkic clearly has a love for these types of films, and you can definitely tell he put his heart into the feature.

If you love the WRONG TURN series or (aforementioned) THE HILLS HAVE EYES; then you will surely dig on KILLBILLIES; it’s a vicious lil’ slice of mean spirited mayhem sure to satisfy your appetite for grizzly goings-on!




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