ZOMBIES – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: In Theaters October 21st
  • WRITTEN BY: Hamid Torabpour
  • DIRECTED BY: Hamid Torabpour
  • STARRING: Steven Luke, Tony Todd, Raina Hein

Zombie pictures; I sure do love ‘em, but I sure am sick of ‘em; and I’m willing to bet demons to diamonds you are too. Well imagine my delight when the creatively titled ZOMBIES came shambling across my doorstep. I hope this is a quick 84 minutes…

The story of ZOMBIES is about as original and simple as its title; in the weeks immediately following a zombie apocalypse, a dude named Luke and a handful of other survivors must fight the living dead to stay alive. Bullets fly, human flesh is consumed, and heads roll (literally).

Already decided you don’t want to check this flick out? I don’t blame you with what I’ve described above…but this is where I’m going to blow your mind; ZOMBIES is an ass load of pure fun! This is an action packed, fast paced, pure gut-muncher that just gives you what you crave; and skips all the never ending, pretentious talky talk horseshit that the genre has become bogged down with in the wake of THE WALKING DEAD. Come to think of it; this flick is more like an installment of one of my fav video game series Resident Evil than anything else; crazy characters and ballistic action included (speaking of games, there’s a method of zombie dispatch in this that’s straight out of suda 51‘s Lollipop Chainsaw that can’t be coincidence).

Now, don’t get me wrong; there are moments of gravitas and drama (especially towards the finale); but they punctuate the zombie attacks and bloodshed, instead of it being the other way around; and the picture is all the better for it. Also on the positive front, although this film is low-budget; it does have some striking photography, and the fact that they managed to snag genre legend Tony Todd for a role brings an extra added cool factor that films like this often lack. Additionally the effects are pretty rock solid, with the CG fuckery kept to a minimum in favor of some great make-ups and practical gore.

On the negative side; some of the acting is a little dodgy in places, and again to beat a dead horse; this isn’t the most original film you’ll ever slap your eerie eyeballs upon…and personally I had such a good time with this one I didn’t give two singular shits.

I’m just going to go right ahead and say this; ZOMBIES is more like the Resident Evil franchise then the actual Resident Evil film’s we received; this is a film that will be truly appreciated by survival horror fans, and those that want a fast paced living dead flick that will never bore! Recommended!






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