AGATHA – Short Film Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Playing Festivals (Click Here for more Information)
  • WRITTEN BY: Timothy Vandenberg
  • DIRECTED BY: Timothy Vandenberg
  • STARRING: Louise Ogle, Rene Farrabow, Penny Kohut

It ain’t often that your’s cruelly slaps his eerie eyeballs upon a sinister short and thinks “man, I wish this ten minutes were ninety minutes”; hell with most of the features I watch around these parts I beg for them to be even shorter. Well, I’m pleased as poison punch to tell you I have found a short film that I just couldn’t get enough of, and it goes by the handle of AGATHA!

AGATHA concerns a waifish orphan girl and her misadventures in the job market. Ya see; our young heroine has taken on some new employment; she simply has to deliver a plate of raw meat to a room within an old, dark house. As part of the deal, she cannot speak to the inhabitant of the room, nor can she venture past the table where she is to set the repast. Well, with child labor laws being what they were in the 1800’s, and this being an exercise in the horror biz, you can just guess how this turns out.

Besides the solid acting, photography, storytelling, the main standout of AGATHA for me was the ambitious amount of period accurate clothing and location work; plus the flick ends with what sounds like Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville’s 1860 recording of Clair de Lune; which I’m sure when it was recorded wasn’t mean to sound like the creepiest thing ever created by mankind, but 156 years will do strange things to a piece of entertainment my fiends.

To sum it up; AGATHA really delivers the ghoulish goods! It’s loaded with enough atmosphere, dread, and downright high quality fright flick fun to satisfy any horror hound and I have my talons crossed that it’ll be expanded into a full length feature right quick!





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