VAMPYRES – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: José Ramón Larraz, Víctor Matellano
  • DIRECTED BY: Víctor Matellano
  • STARRING: Caroline Munro, Verónica Polo, Marta Flich

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Lesbian vampires; I love ‘em, you (probably) love ‘em, and they certainly don’t make enough films about them (and really haven’t since the early ‘70’s). Well; with the release of films like BLOOD OF THE TRIBADES and the subject of this review, VAMPYRES (itself a remake of a 1974 Spanish shocker of the same name) things are certainly looking up (all innuendo intended)!

VAMPYRES spins a yarn involving a trio of hapless campers that set up stakes (hahaha…nailed it!) on the wooded grounds of a stately manor. As fate would have it, the home is populated by a group of female vampires who have been hunting poor, unfortunate (and at times, horny) souls that cross their path. Breasts are bared, blood flows like rain, wine is consumed, and sex is had…kinda like a Tuesday in the Crypt o’ XIII! Anyway, will anyone be able to escape the sexy embrace of these vicious vamps, or will or deadly duo continue their fang bang unabated.

VAMPYRES is an interesting one my creeps. It’s beautifully lensed and has some truly striking visual moments (my favorite being the bath scene where our vicious vamps shower in the blood that pours down from a victim hanging above their bathtub). As for the story, well that’s a different animal. If you are unfamiliar with European cult cinema, this film will come off as bizarre and stilted; the characters flow through the scenes as if walking in a dream, dialog is unnatural and limited, and the pacing can get very slow as image takes precedent over storytelling. Is any of that a problem? Well, the answer to that is going to depend on if you like your fright flicks more arty-farty than grabby-stabby.

As for extras on VAMPYRES, they run light; but you do get a brief “making of” documentary, a quick interview with genre legend Caroline Munro (who co-stars in the film), and the film’s trailer.

VAMPYRES is pretty solid at being what it is; an attempt at delivering the very specific aesthetics of a genre nearly forgotten, I just hope it finds its audience in this age as I’d love to see more from Víctor Matellano in this style!



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