RAZORS – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available on DVD and VOD October 18th
  • WRITTEN BY: Ian Powell, Karl Ward
  • DIRECTED BY: Ian Powell, Karl Ward
  • STARRING: Kunjue Li, Vincent De Paul, Josh Myers, Kelby Keenan

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

 RAZORS concerns the adventures of Ruth; a young woman attending a screenwriting workshop with a small group of other aspiring scribes under the tutelage of writing guru Richard Wise. The goal is to write the ultimate horror film; so you get that rich, velvety meta-coating the kids all dig these days. But what could be so scary about a film where a gaggle of goofs sit around hashing out a monstrous movie? Well, how about the never ending terror of sore typing fingers and writer’s block?!!

O.k.; I’m yankin’ yer chain…well not about the screen writing workshop; that shit is front and center in the flick; rather the scares come from a variety of circumstances; namely ol’ Ruth has brought along the actual knives used by famed lady killer Jack the Ripper (contained within a box that must never be opened…and of course goes missing as such things do), and the fact that the wicked workshop just so happens to be held in a haunted Victorian warehouse. What could possibly go wrong?

Murder. Murder is what could go wrong; and boy does it ever, as our good-lookin’ cast gets picked off one by one in various and sundry ways. As the flick unspools we also are besieged by creepy dolls, the ghost of a Victorian era girl, and a killer who may or may not be ol’ Saucy Jack.

RAZORS is a fairly innocuous lil’ fright flick. It moves along at a fairly good pace (but does have a case of the drags here and there as a lot of time is given to the students jawin’ it up) and it gets increasingly manic as events unfold. The main thing that shines about this one for me is the utilization of the Jack the Ripper mythos as the basis of the story mixed with some nice Victorian era gothic tropes like ghosts with secrets and a large dilapidated structure for the story to take place in filled with mysteries of its own. There’s also a fair amount of the ol’ red sauce on display, which is always a welcome thing for your’s cruelly. Additionally the thread that ties things together was interesting; and the Ripper design was odd (in a good way).

In the negative column; as stated this baby drags here and there. At five or ten minutes shorter this would have fared much better (remember; make it all killer/no filler and you’ll have the horror hounds eatin’ it up). There are also a few performances that are a tad dodgy as well; but I can overlook that if the story is decent enough (and honestly it is in this instance).

Now I seldom mention the marketing of a film in my reviews; but in this case I have to make an exception. Every bit of publicity for this flick touts it as the beginning of a series (whether they are just hopeful, or someone has already bankrolled said franchise remains to be seen). So, is it worthy to go that route? I say “yes”. Ol’ Jack is a compelling enough villain to make a return; and if they up the Victorian trappings and reduce the yakety-yakkin’ then I believe they got a solid, and fun, lil’ franchise on their hands!



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