• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Lee Matthews
  • DIRECTED BY: Lee Matthews
  • STARRING: Tessa Netting, Alison Becker, Micah Tillman

You know you’re in “oh shit” territory when the title of your film is different on the front of the box (THE INVOKING 3: POLTERGEIST DIMENSIONS) and the title screen of the DVD (THE INVOKING PARANORMAL DIMENSIONS). If the people behind this couldn’t even get the damn title correct than chances are you’re in for a bumpy ass ride over the next hour and change. So; let’s see just how horrible THE INVOKING 3: DIMENTIONAL DIMENSIONS is, shall we?

THE INVOKING 3: INVOKED DIMENSIONS begins with some dude-bros shooting a doc about some haunted mines in Mexico (yup…it’s found footage fun time again creeps…at least at first). They enter the mines and find some weird-ass cave paintings, an altar of some sort, and some seriously pissed of tribesman…oh, and a big ass monster. Then the focus shifts, because “surprise!” this film is an anthology (maybe the other INVOKING flicks are too…I’ve never seen them…I think). Anyway, we also get a woman being menaced by supernatural goings-on in her apartment, another lass haunted by ghostly images in her cell phone, a yarn about a missing child rescued from the clutches of some monsters (space bigfoots???), a road trip waylaid by a ghost, a story involving ghostly children, another story of a child abducted by creatures, and finally a lil’ story of a woman menaced by preternatural phone calls.

Being an anthology; THE INVOKING 3 suffers a bit from a bit of unevenness, as some of the stories contained within are better than others; though I have to admit, I enjoyed all of the tales and was never bored throughout the film’s run-time.

If I had to pick the weakest segment; I’d go with the “woman being menaced by supernatural goings-on in her apartment” story, as it was just kind of brief (but again, wasn’t bad by any means). The strongest story contained in the flick is (unbelievably) the found footage sequence that begins the film. Full of monsters, madmen, and a great claustrophobic locale I would absolutely LOVE for this to be fleshed out into a full length feature!

To sum it all up I’d say give THE INVOKING 3 a go; there’s a lil’ something for almost every fright fan contained within, it moves at a brisk pace, and there are some real gems contained within…now if they could only settle on a title…



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