ROTGUT – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Devin O’Leary
  • DIRECTED BY: Billy Garberina
  • STARRING: Jeremy Owen, Paul Alsing, Megan Pribyl

  You know what is a lesson hard learned; never think everything will be fine when you ingest a product that’s been recalled; case in point the drunken vagrants that chug a recalled brand of tequila in the subject of today’s review; ROTGUT. See; the aforementioned booze hounds down that ill-gotten hooch and before you can say STREET TRASH one of them has his eye pop out in a bloody spray. Well, before you know it even more hapless souls inadvertently consume that poison tequila; namely the disparate patrons of a hole in the wall bar.  Come to find out it isn’t the booze that’s so much to blames as it is the wicked worms inside as these wiggly bastards are blood crazed mutants lookin’ for a body to call home! Who among our low-life “heroes” will survive to last call?

ROTGUT is fun lil’ throwback to the low rent, body melt subgenre that rose to brief prominence during the late ‘80’s; with the aforementioned STREET TRASH, and SLIME CITY being the most prominent examples (which also share tainted alcohol in common with this film); the effects are gooey and mostly practical, the characters are sleazy, and the mood is apocalyptic (though contained). Extra mention must be made to the origins of the worms; which wen revealed adds a great layer of comic-book fun to the whole affair.

In the negative column, the effects don’t come as fast and furious as you’d expect; as after the eye-popping opening, the first 45 minutes or so of the runtime (more on that in a bit) is given to character development; which while admirable is not what fans of these types of film crave. Also; this film runs long at an hour and forty minutes…if this was shorn of twenty minutes it would be a rollercoaster of gross out gore, instead a slow burn to get to the (admittedly awesome) splatter.

As for extras on this release, they are light with a twenty minute behind the scenes doc and a trailer collection being the only offerings.

Minus the pacing problems, I enjoyed  ROTGUT; it’s gooey, gross, and it has an ending that REALLY makes you want to see what comes next!



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