Listen up; the main part of this review ran on my old home, Famous Monsters of Filmland (as evidenced by my alter-ego’s blurb appearin’ die-rectly on the art right above these words)…but  a great film deserves a second mention (plus I added shit about the special features)!


  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • DIRECTED BY: Brendan Jackson Rogers
  • STARRING: Fred Lass, Malone Thomas, Mitch Hyman

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Sometimes (like maybe 4 -500 hundred times a week) I sit down and think; “What if a werewolf were to come from the bucolic lil’ town (a.k.a. the white trash mecca of the universe) I spent my misspent youth in?” Today I got the answer to my question in spades as I sat down and focused my eerie eyeballs on BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF

After losing Bobbie Jo (Thomas), the girl of his dreams, to a dude with a sweet double-wide and a de-lux style 4 slice toaster, Bubba (Lass) a big-hearted if slightly mentally challenged fella , vows to do anything to win Bobbie’s heart. So of course he sells his soul to the Devil (Hyman) who gleefully accepts and turns him into werewolf. The Devil also hangs around town being a prize-winning (and completely hysterical) dick that delights in screwing over anyone foolish enough to sell their soul to him (which is like half the town). It is then up to ol’ Bubba to solve this lil’ die-lemma.

Low-budget, low-brow, completely ridiculous, and packed to the gills with heart (just like I love ‘em), I found BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF to be a real winner of a flick. The whole affair plays out like a live-action cartoon (the montage of the Devil’s antics around town alone is like a demented LOONEY TUNES short) and that is fitting considering this flick is based on a humor comic from the 90’s, albeit one with a decidedly adult tone in regards to the blood and babes…which is another check in the plus column for your’s cruelly!

While the flick is worth your time n’ cash alone; the fine fiends at MVD have included some bonus content to sweeten the ol’ pot. Included on the DVD are a fun little making-of documentary, a blooper reel, a collection of deleted scenes, vignettes on the make-up effects on Bubba and the Devil, a music video, and the film’s trailer.

This is the perfect flick to kick back with, down a beer or 20, and forget about your troubles for a bit; I mean how could you not when you view the adventures of  a hard drinking, cigar chomping werewolf battling the Devil! The world could stand a lil’ more fun like the kind offered up here!!



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