• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on VOD (Click Here for More Info)
  • WRITTEN BY: Steve Bishart, Greg Travis
  • DIRECTED BY: Greg Travis
  • STARRING: Tyler Horn, Victoria Hughey, Catherine Simmons

When I was offered DARK SEDUCTION to review I was immediately intrigued; here is a neo-film noir flick featuring vampires that just so happened to be lost for thirty years…I really hope there wasn’t good reason for that last one…

DARK SEDUCTION concerns the nocturnal misadventures of two new wave lesbian bi-sexual vampires, named Vera and Serina, who go on a Hollywood murder spree. Hot on the case is a down on his luck drunkard of a Private Investigator named Dic Jones (who could have easily stepped from a 1940’s movie screen, complete with his own voice-over narration). During a lover’s spat, Vera meets our intrepid detective and gets some Private Dick dick (he also gets a nasty lil’ love bite on his neck in the process). As the case unravels, and more bloodless corpses are found, Dic has to come to terms with the fact that real vampires may be roaming the night…and that he may soon join their ranks.There’s also a lesbian nightclub with a musical number you need to experience, and punk ninjas…

DARK SEDUCTION is nothing if not a case study in dichotomies that shouldn’t work; yet totally do. Take the principal characters of the film; two ultra-modern and fashionable (for the time) vampires that are pursued by the most stereotypical film noir hero that you can imagine. Add to that the tone of the film; you get intentionally cheesy (not to mention comedic) dialog sandwiched between murders and bloodletting. Then there are the absolutely insane-o dream sequences that populate the latter half of the film (the one involving the Serina’s history is particularly choice). To top it all off the entire film is presented in lush black and white cinematography.

I have no clue about the events that led to this film being lost (but there’s a doc floatin’ around out there about it that I really need to watch); but it’s a damn shame it took this long for ravenous fright flick fans and lovers of the surreal to get a chance to experience it’s delicious madness. It absolutely is 100% unlike anything you have ever seen before (yet comprised of tons of things you have) and should already have many years under its belt of being regarded as a beloved cult classic!

If you enjoy saying “What the unholy fuck did I just watch?” after viewing a fright flick (like me and I’m sure a large percentage of you) then this absolutely is the film you need to slap your eerie eyeballs on post-haste!



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