• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Ry Barrett, Andrew Bussey, Martin Buzora, Gabriel Carrer, Duane Frey, Angus McLellan
  • DIRECTED BY: Gabriel Carrer
  • STARRING: Ry Barrett, Tianna Nori, Jessica Vano

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Sometimes when I read the title of a film for review I set expectations for what said movie will entail…which I know can be a bit of a trap. Well when I sat down to the new flick THE DEMOLISHER; a hyper stylized take on the tried and true revenge story formula, I naturally expected to see epic levels of brutality and ultra-violence as a grim anti-hero strides a bloody path. Let’s see if this one has the balls to live up to what I have pictured…

The tale at hand goes a lil’ something like this; when the wife of a cable repair man named Bruce is violently beaten and left nearly paralyzed  by a gang of cultist misanthropes; our “hero” suits up in a riot gear and becomes THE DEMOLISHER; an absolute demon to those that stalk the night. Soon his revenge becomes outright uncontrolled insanity as his mind begins to snap from the near constant violence he perpetrates. Before long Bruce becomes fixated on a woman he believes is in league with those who harmed his wife and so begins an elaborate game of cat and mouse as the innocent woman attempts to avoid The Demolisher.

Both bleak and hyper-stylized THE DEMOLISHER is as arty a revenge picture as I have ever seen. The coldness of the city streets mixed with the near total lack of dialog gives everything an uneasy feeling which adds to the atmosphere of the piece immeasurably…this is a surrealist cinematic landscape of violence where all innocence is rewarded with pain, and the viewer begins to feel it along with the characters on screen.  Add to that a gripping electronic score by composer Glen Nicholls and you’ve got the ingredients for something completely unique.

All of that being said, this film will definitely not be for everyone. Those expecting a Grindhouse pastiche echoing flicks like 1980’s THE EXTERMINATOR will find themselves severely disappointed. Rather if you approach this as a fever dream take on the same themes (and basic visual language) than you’re golden, and will doubtless enjoy this film immensely.

As vicious as it gorgeously lensed; THE DEMOLISHER certainly packs one hell of a punch; it’s stark, surreal, and will crush your expectations of how a revenge picture could and should be presented. Highly recommended.



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