• RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Steve Lawson
  • DIRECTED BY: Steve Lawson
  • STARRING: Julian Boote, Adam Collins, Helen Crevel

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

In a story ripped directly from today’s headlines, KILLERSAURUS is the timeless tale of a scientist that creates a T-Rex for the military to fight wars where only an ancient, nigh-uncontrollable, blood crazed beast will do (and presumably a war where no one has guns or missiles).

To expand upon that info above, KILLERSAURUS is about the aforementioned military project that gets shut down after the eponymous Killersaurus massacres members of the research team charged with creating it. Of course it wouldn’t be much of a fright flick if the beast only killed people in the opening and the rest of the film was just people mopping up the mess. No, dear fiends, eventually two folks go poking around in the lab and discover that Killersaurus is ready to go out into the world and…kill. Makes sense.

The first thing that strikes you as you sit down to watch a lil’ KILLERSAURUS is that this film is British. What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing…but the accents were pleasant and I was surprised (look, I’m easily amused, all right?) The second thing that strikes you is that while this film is got a case of the cheaps, it really was an ambitious undertaking. I mean c’mon; most film makers that have the amount of money that these folks had to make a fright flick would have simply rented a cabin in the woods and slapped a mask on someone, but these delirious fools decided to make a film about a T-rex ripping shit up (albeit in a very contained location), and they deserve respect for that.

The major problem with this film is surprisingly not the fact that it’s really low budget (which it is), or that the effects are pretty dodgy (they are…but you know I can’t hate on a creature no matter how slip-shod); it’s the film’s pacing. After a cool lil’ opening sequence it takes waaaay too long to get to the goods; namely that Killersaurus causin’ some monstrous mayhem; and even then he doesn’t do much. But, you can tell the film makers heart was in the right place even if the money at hand worked against ’em.

If you love the moldy-oldy creature flicks of the 1950’s where “science talk” reigned supreme and creature action was low rent and sparse, KILLERSAURUS may be up your alley; just don’t expect the title creature running down city streets or actually fighting any wars and you may enjoy yourself for an hour and fourteen minutes.





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