• RELEASE DATE: Now available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Garrett Benach
  • DIRECTED BY: Garrett Benach
  • STARRING: Tara Marie Kirk, Rollyn Stafford, Justin Hall

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

A (not quite as young as Linda Blair in 1973) woman gets possessed by a demon and a priest tries to save her life from being human Tupperware, lockin’ a dastardly demon inside for freshness. You and I both know that sounds like the original recipe THE EXORCIST; so let’s see if this flick has what it takes to…well, not be better than the most (un)holy of fright film classics; but at least do something different to make it worth your time.

Even though I basically gave ya the elevator pitch for EXORCIST: THE FALLEN, I’ll nutshell this flick a bit more. Teenager Victoria (Kirk) lives the typical kind of existence; she eats linguini, is a devout atheist, and, likes to screw around with her late devil-worshiping grandfather (imagine if that sentence just ended there…);her late grandfather’s Ouija board. Well; as you can imagine Victoria soon becomes the unwilling vessel of an arcane evil that begins transforming her into a foul-mouthed, supernaturally powered, Grade-A asshole. She turns into me basically.

So let’s just cut to the chase and talk about how much of a rip-off of The EXORCIST this baby is. Surprisingly, not as much as you think; in fact the entire first half of the film sets up a dynamic that is far afield of anything in the flick we all know and love. There’s a nice set-up where we both get to know Victoria, and watch her mental state begin to decline after her spirit board fuckery. It’s not until the latter half where the Marlboro voice and “Dick Smith light” make-up appear…and of course a priest has to show up to try and end the demonic doings.

And that’s the rub; if you pay to view a film called EXORCIST: THE FALLEN, you absolutely expect to see exactly what I mentioned in the last sentence of the paragraph above. A flick like this simply cannot win as far as opinion is concerned; if they didn’t mirror some of the scares from THE EXORCIST (even if the title had been something like THE POSSESSION OF VICTORIA) folks would be pissed it didn’t give them what they expected, if on the other hand the film makers include similar material to Friedkin’s flick then it’s either called a rip-off or not as good as the film it’s mirroring.

To that end, I say if possession pictures are your bag, give EXORCIST: THE FALLEN a go; the first half of the film offers a surprisingly good set-up, and the latter half will give you what you know damn well you wanted to see. If on the other hand you like films about ultra-busty, cleavage bearing, red-heads flying off a bed while doing the hand jive, just stare at the DVD case and do not watch the film inside as they have no relation to each other.



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