BUNNI – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Now Available on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Daniel Benedict
  • DIRECTED BY: Daniel Benedict
  • STARRING: Sara Ammons, Daniel Benedict, Johnny Bilson

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Here comes a slasher flick with a twist; the stalk and slay maniac looks like something Hugh Hefner would have dreamed up after watchin’ HALLOWEEN. Let’s see if BUNNI makes our nose twitch or if it’s only suitable to hop right into the trash can!

After a suitably disturbing intro where we see a dude tenderizing his gal pal like a cheap steak while her young  daughter watches; BUNNI proper begins. 18 years later a gaggle of goofs are out clubbin’ it up (I mean they are going to clubs, not like hurting baby seals or some sick shit); and take it upon themselves to break into an abandoned store. As convenience would have it, said location is home to a sick ticket adorned in leather and bunny ears (and a kabuki-like mask to boot) who decides to dispatch our “heroes’ with wild, bloody abandon.

Filmed on the (really) lower end of the budget scale, BUNNI nevertheless delivers on what we came here to see, bloody bloody blood blood (or as those not in the industry refer to them as “gorey kills”). The problem is that most of them are back loaded into the final twenty minutes or so of the flick’s run-time. Fortunately this film runs at a sleek hour and thirteen minutes, so that wait doesn’t seem as long as it could.

In the ultra-positive category, I really loved the look of the psychotic psycho in the film; a weird dichotomy of sexy and off putting that you almost never see in a slasher flick. In fact; I liked this killer so damn much; I hope the film makers find a way to make this into a franchise (albeit one spent more gettin’ to the gettin’ and less time hanging out with annoying  folks assing around).

All in all BUNNI is a solid entry in the stalk n’ slay genre; there’s decent kills, an iconic killer, a twist or two, and plenty of attractive folks to off. Definitely recommended for your fright flick collection, especially if it is already populated with the likes of Leatherface and Jason Voorhees.



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