Artist Kelly Williams is set to release a HOWLingly good comic!


One of my fav arcane artists Kelly Williams (who you should totally follow on Twitter or Facebook for some truly killer art; much of it horror biz inspired) is set to unleash the next chapter of what he began with last years Boo Hag; THE DARK: HOWL.

A short part of an ever-increasing story line called The Dark; HOWL ( written by Matt Harvey from death metal band EXHUMED) is another slice of back woods, dread enshrouded, awesomeness with some good ol’ supernatural goings-on that will doubtless prove irresistible to any lover of E.C. Comics or flicks such as PUMPKINHEAD!

Head to Kelly’s website to find out all of the developments with The Dark, and  be sure to get your eerie eyeballs upon a copy of THE DARK: HOWL this Halloween when it becomes available on Comixology!


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