SCARS – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Sean K. Robb
  • DIRECTED BY: Sean K. Robb
  • STARRING: Danielle Cole, Neale Kimmel, Matt Wells

-Reviewed by Daniel XIII

Looking at the cover art for SCARS with its mime faced, leather clad, axe wielding female leads; one would assume this was just another hack n’ slash flick with a distaff twist. Well, you’d be right to assume that, but there is a lot more on display in this fright flick my creeps! Read on to see how SCARS offers more for slasher aficionados who think they’ve seen it all!

SCARS concerns the (mis)adventures of punker Scar and pretty extortionist Scarlett; two gal pals who just so happen to have a common denominator; the pleasure they receive from killing the male of the species. What follows that realization is nothing short of a bloodbath as these two pseudo-Sapphic grease-painted psychos put the murder on any man unfortunate enough to cross their path. Before long, a mysterious detective catches wind of their horror biz; but surprisingly this dude may be friend or foe to our anti-heroines.

With its clown faced female leads and trope reversing aesthetic, SCARS is a stand-out in the crowded psycho killer genre. One can only imagine how celebrated this film would have been in the days when I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE was making waves in low-rent cinemas and drive-ins across the country; and while it has its feet firmly planted in our beloved Grindhouse, there’s a bit of the arthouse cum new-wave of European horror style at play here as well (a.k.a. sisters are doing it for themselves…and “it” is full on bloodletting of the highest order). And while the budget is low, writer/director Sean K. Robb manages to fill the screen with some crazy/cool artistic flare that go beyond his means (pay particular attention to the color palette choices utilized in every scene).

As for the quality of this release; although it is a DVD, both color and picture are presented with a remarkable clarity. My only real fault with this release is the absence of extras…I would have loved to hear Robb’s comments on the making of the film.

Full of nihilistic, misanthropic ultra-violence; SCARS is a winner. It is absolutely the type of film that would have been a sure-fire Grindhouse hit back in the days when 42nd St. ruled the roost in regards to gonzo cinema taste making…and best of all; it doesn’t even go for that bullshit faux Drive-in cinema style (i.e. fake wear and tear on the footage, missing scenes, etc.). If you love sleazy, violent fun put SCARS at the top of your “must see” list!



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