THE MIND’S EYE – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available now on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Joe Begos
  • DIRECTED BY: Joe Begos
  • STARRING: Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos

– Reviewed by Daniel XIII

 THE MIND’S EYE concerns the adventures of a young telekinetic named Zack (Skipper) who falls under the “care” of the evil Dr. Slovak (Speredakos) after busting up a police car and smackin’ some cops around with his mind bullets outside of rural town where he was just amblin’ along like a smaller John Rambo. Slovak suppresses the powers of Zack along with a handful of other telekinetics, including Zack’s girlfriend Rachel (Carter) while at the same time creating a serum that gives him a synthetic version of their powers. Before long our heroes go on the lam from Slovak’s secluded Institute Of Psychokinetics, and the chase is on as Slovak (whose powers are becoming completely out of hand) and his henchmen chase Zack and Rachel across the snow covered countryside. Veins bulge, eye’s pop, and the brain battles become ever more bloody!

THE MIND’S EYE is without a doubt 100% inspired by SCANNERS (with flourishes of other Cronenberg flicks as well) but seems more like loving homage than bald-faced rip-off. Director Begos knows his stuff when it comes to this genre, and he definitely gives the audience what they came for as the film is fast-paced, full of psychic skirmishes, and packed with explosive, beautifully crafted, practical gore.

I would also like to make mention of a few things that I feel make this movie outstanding. One is the acting of John Speredakos as Slovak. This dude treats the scenery like a dog treats a ham bone; and that is exactly what a bombastic living comic book of a film like this needs. As the flick progresses he becomes every bit a full on super villain, evil monologues and all; and it’s glorious! Also of note is the excellent (and appropriate) synth score (and sound effects) which adds immeasurably to the atmosphere of the film.

As for the extras present on this Blu; you get two highly engaging, and informative commentaries (one with writer/director Begos flyin’ solo,the other featuring ol’ Beastly Begos aided and abetted by members of the cast and crew), a cool behind the scenes featurette, a poster gallery, and a trailer.

THE MIND’S EYE gets the highest recommendation from your’s cruelly; it’s one hell of a brain blastin’, head splittin’, fun as fuckin’ hell fright flick and it belongs in your collection right freakin’ now!



*portions of this review were originally created for Famous


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