CLOWN TOWN – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: On VOD September 30th and on DVD October 4th
  • WRITTEN BY: Jeff Miller
  • DIRECTED BY: Tom Nagel
  • STARRING: Brian Nagel, Lauren Compton, Andrew Staton

Clowns; them shits are everywhere lately…from news reports of a-holes dressed as grease painted psychos tryin to lure kids into the woods, to the upcoming remake of ol’ Kingy-baby’s IT, to new flicks from Rob Zombie (more on that in  a bit) and Eli Roth…clowns are here to stay apparently. So, what sets CLOWN TOWN apart from the pack? Read on dear creeps…read on.

The premise of CLOWN TOWN is nice and simple; a gaggle of goofs gets stranded in a small town, which just so happens to be nearly abandoned…save for those psychotic killer clowns that stalk and slay our heroes. What follows is a fairly standard slasher piece loaded with your typical assortment of boobs, blood, and bad guys.

In the positive column; CLOWN TOWN is an incredibly well lensed flick; it’s loaded with solid shots and a really nice use of color throughout (as it should be given the garish nature of its grease painted ghouls). Speaking of those baddies; the clowns in the flick are suitably creepy in their aesthetics, and I also enjoyed the fact that you never get to learn much about what makes them tick outside of “evil clowns came to town one day, murdered everyone, and now rule the place.”

On the negative side of things; this flick drags at times, especially after the cold open until around the thirty minute mark when the clowns get to getting’ with their murderous mayhem. Additionally, this film seems awful derivative of the aforementioned Rob Zombie flick 31; a film that also deals with murderous clowns hunting down folks in an abandoned location. Is it a coincidence/ who the fuck knows; but I know fright fans will definitely be drawing that comparison in their noxious lil’ noggins.

There’s also a mark in the indifferent column; this flick isn’t really scary (I guess it may be if you suffered from the ever increasingly cliché “fear of clowns”…not honest to ghoulness coulrophobia; but that herd mentality that all clowns are creepy). It’s fast moving (after a spell), bloody, and loaded with action (and a dash of weird); but scary this one ain’t.

All in all; CLOWN TOWN is a fun lil’ fright flick time waster; it hits all the horror beats, and has some visually interesting villains, I just hope if this continues as a franchise the film makers up the ante and increase the scares and weirdness!


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