NEON -Short Film Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Playing Film Festivals Now (Click Here for More Info)
  • WRITTEN BY: Mark J. Blackman
  • DIRECTED BY: Mark J. Blackman
  • STARRING: Joe Absolom, Kerry Bennett, Fraser James, James Kermack, Bill Hutchens

 I don’t get a lot of short films to review in the ol’ Crypt o’ XIII; so when I do I always assume I’m in for something completely unique; such was the case with the flick under the examination of my eerie eyeballs today, NEON.

NEON is at its core a story about a relationship between a woman (in this case a comely office worker) and a man (a grim, bald headed fellow) that is related during a phone call intercut with scenes of the dialog at hand. Of course this being The Outre Eye; this is no simple love affair, as our Mr. Clean surrogate is much more than meets the eye. Eye popping visuals, strange powers, and metaphysical goings-on ensue.

The first thing that will hit you about NEON is how absolutely gorgeous it looks. For a short it has the style, shots, and lighting of a full length Hollywood blockbuster, and is filled to the brim with rain soaked neo-noir atmosphere punctuated by humming neon illumination. I mean I’m assuming writer/director Mark J. Blackman didn’t have some sort of mountain of money sitting in a big green money mountain pile to make this flick (and if he did, more power to ‘em); but the look he has achieved with this short is truly laudable!

If you see NEON playing at a festival near you; do not hesitate to check it out. I can almost guarantee you will be impressed with everything on display; from visuals to storytelling. Hopefully we’ll see plenty more genre material from Blackman, in my opinion he is a vibrant new creative force in our lil’ corner of the pop culture landscape!


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