BLOOD TRAP – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on VOD (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Alberto Sciamma
  • DIRECTED BY: Alberto Sciamma
  • STARRING: Vinnie Jones, Costas Mandylor, Gianni Capaldi

 Mixing the crime and vampire genres is a time honored tradition going back to the days of FROM DUSK TIL DAWN. Over the years we’ve had many a gem in this time honored fright film sub-genre; films such as…well…umm…well, FROM DUSK TIL DAWN mostly…maybe the sequels to that/ I don’t know, it’s been awhile…maybe those weren’t even that good. Oh, I thought of another one; FROM DUSK TIL DAWN the television series…oh and that FOREVER KNIGHT show. Maybe BLOOD TRAP will be worthy enough to join the massive ranks of totally awesome vampire crime hybrids!

When a gaggle of six no-goodniks get to getting’ they decide to kidnap a wealthy young woman for some of that sweet, sweet, ransom action. As fate would have it all of the windows and doors of the mansion where said young woman resides become shuttered tight, trapping our “heroes” inside. Guess that foils that lil’ crime spree…the cops will be there soon no doubt and haul their asses back to jail. Movie over!

Unless you skipped the first paragraph of this review, (I understand, you folks are busy…what with your near constant scouring the internet for porn and sundry other noble pursuits) you can kinda guess what happens next. Before you can say “The Drac attack is back, Jack” the motley crew is set upon by a ravenous blood drinking psychopath as they try and survive until the barricades are reopened the next day.

BLOOD TRAP was a lot different than I was anticipating, and that’s a wonderful thing. I was expecting a lot of gritting teeth and grim-dark supernatural shenanigans, and that would have been welcome for sure…but ol’ BT serves all of it up with its tongue planted firmly in its cheek (not to ruin the surprise, but there is one form of vampire in here that is so far beyond absurd that it becomes sublime). Even the make-up on the main fang banger is odd and even somewhat tacky (the creature resembles Zelda from the old Gerry Anderson show TERRAHAWKS more than it does your run of the mill vicious vamp); but by Cthulhu it works…it all works.

Aiding and abetting the delirious nonsense listed above is one hell of a great location in the ornate, somewhat Gothic European style mansion that serves as 99% of the film’s location; as well as some slick cinematography and a soundtrack comprised of a fair share of musical choices that absolutely do not fit a lot of the scenes they accompany, but bring an extra level of off-kilter surreal atmosphere (speaking of which…wait until you see the final scene of this one my creeps…it’s just…wow.).

As downright rad as I found BLOOD TRAP, there are a few things in the ol’ negative column. Firstly some of the accents in this film are as thick as a bucket of coagulated blood, so be prepared for a bit of the “what the fuck did they just say?” game. Definitely not even close to a deal breaker for your’s cruelly, but the next point may be for some of you more sensitive types. There’s a full on rape in here, though because this film is how it is, it’s a woman raping a man via Viagra…and it’s mostly played for laughs. Some folks won’t be able to see that as funny; but that’s how it goes I guess.

Packed to the brim with overdone macho posturing, equal parts action and scares, and a great sense of the absolutely F’n ludicrous; BLOOD TRAP is a great comic book style fright flick joyride! Highly recommended!



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