Talkin’ Satan and True Crime with Writer/Director Dakota Bailey!

Recently we took a look at the new SOV-style fright flick MY MASTER SATAN in these haunted hallowed halls (you can read that revoltin’ review right here). Well, recently I was fortunate to speak to that very flick’s writer/die-rector Dakota Bailey!

DANIEL XIII: Can you take my Coffin Club through the creation of the story for MY MASTER SATAN?

DAKOTA BAILEY: It all started back in March 2015 when we made the short film SATAN’S COMING FOR YOU that featured the characters Alister & Bubba, who were two white trash serial killer/drug addicts who tripped on acid and saw the Devil. I had no intention of doing anything else with it after the short film was completed & released. I then went on to work on some other projects. However, in September 2015, I decided that I wanted to create a full length feature based off of SATAN’S COMING FOR YOU and essentially resurrect Alister & Bubba, write new adventures for them and create more characters similar to them. I asked Matt who plays Bubba and he liked the idea of it, I got my father who is always involved in my films to play Dealin’ Dick and shortly after I met Wild Willy Wakefield and Chuck. I then got my friend Brian Knapp involved in the project & he played Charlie. That’s essentially how MY MASTER SATAN: 3 TAKES OF DRUG FUELED VIOLENCE was created.

When I wrote the film, I wanted it to be a film that was comprised of three interconnected stories that revolved around the same characters. I also wanted the film to be weird and unique and I succeeded in that…I mean there really isn’t a film out there today that is similar or comparable to MY MASTER SATAN.

DXIII: What were some of the pains in the ass you encountered bringing the flick to life?

D.B.: Probably the biggest one was that the audio was horrible in a lot of scenes. That was due to the fact that we were shooting with on VHS. However, our next film is being shot in HD & there are no issues with the audio.

DXIII:  Any plans for further stories set in that universe?

D.B.: All my films are set in a universe where crime & drugs rule and I don’t plan to change it any time soon. So yes.

DXIII: As a fan of the horror biz; what are some of your favorite fright flicks and how have they influenced your work?

D.B: I have several favorite horror films ranging from extreme underground to Italian horror to silent films. Some of them would be the NEKROMANTIK films, THE EXORCIST, the first EVIL DEAD, THE THING, KING KONG, AT MIDNIGHT I’LL TAKE YOUR SOUL and basically all of the Coffin Joe films, ZOMBIE 2, THE BEYOND, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, ALUCARDA, the films of Allen Ormsby and Bob Clarke, the original HALLOWEEN, ERASERHEAD, CURSE OF THE DEMON, WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS, NOSFERATU, Mario Bava‘s films, CREEPSHOW, DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (the Lon Chaney version) BEYOND THE DARKNESS and many, many, more. I think of myself more as a film fan then a filmmaker or director (all my tattoos are pretty much horror related, I have a tattoo of NOSFERATU, The thing from the Crate in Stephen King’s CREEPSHOW, and all kinds of other horror related tattoos) so basically I just think of myself as a superfan making the kind of films that I’d like to see.

I try not to make films similar to anyone else’s. I have my filmmaking influences no doubt about it, but I pretty much do my own thing. I am more interested in making films about human monsters and real life horror as opposed to ghosts or possessions, or unstoppable masked serial killers. A lot of the characters in my films are based off of real life people I knew or ideas from true crime literature.

However, a few examples I can give  of other films influencing my me would be the fact that all my films are in black and white and this is because I’m a big fan of black and white horror films like KING KING, the Universal Monster films, Twilight Zone and CURSE OF THE DEMON. I was also influenced to shoot MY MASTER SATAN on VHS because of the old shot on VHS horror film BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL.

DXIII: What do you have in store for us next, and where can we follow you online?

D.B.: We are actually filming the follow up to MY MASTER SATAN as I speak. The film is called AMERICAN SCUMBAGS, and from the footage that we’ve shot & from the vibe that I am getting from the film itself,it’s gonna be incredible. It’s gonna be bigger and badder then MY MASTER SATAN. I feel that we all get progressively better and better with each film we do.  To follow me, just send me a request on Facebook, or follow my website.

DXIII: Fangs for the interview Dakota!


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