• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: Monica Mcgowan Johnson, Harvey Miller , Jerry Belson, Michael Leeson
  • DIRECTED BY: Jerry Belson
  • STARRING: Mark Blankfield, Bess Armstrong, Krista Errickson

 Back in the far flung years of yore; our house would get a magic delivery each and every month; namely the HBO guide. I’d use that thing like some sort of ancient sun dial; plotting each and every hour of my month and all of that wonderful, unedited movie goodness the premium channel had to offer. There was just one catch; those bastardous asses would mark down just exactly why a movie was rated what it was…and no amount of begging would crack the iron wall of my parents resolve to seemingly keep me away from titty shots until I was 80. Such was the case with the subject of today’s review; JEKYLL AND HYDE…TOGETHER AGAIN; a film I saw as a new flick starring a real icon of fright and my parents saw as a vessel to expose their precious angel to some naked female flesh and Cthulhu knows what else.

JEKYLL AND HYDE…TOGETHER AGAIN begins with a dude snorting up the films titles with a hundred dollar bill like a line of coke…maybe my parents had a point. Anyway; we segue into brilliant surgeon Dr. Jekyll giving up his field in order to develop a method for mankind to unlock his animal side and increase self-healing. He instead invents cocai…err, a white powder that, when snorted, unleashes his alter-ego; the whacked out, sex-addicted,  party dude Mr. Hyde…complete with magically appearing gold jewelry (with matching razor blade) and an elongated coke nail that sprouts from his finger like a werewolf’s claw…subtle this film is not.  Anyway; ol’ Hyde really goes completely ape-shit; and his proclivities begin taking a toll on Jekyll’s life.

Full of completely ridiculous humor (a lot of which would never sail in these way too overly sensitive times), and ultra-dated references and setting; JEKYLL AND HYDE…TOGETHER AGAIN is a light-weight, yet bawdy comedy concoction. The jokes can be hit or miss; but they are plentiful, and the entire film relies on the absolutely manic, over-the-top performance of Mark Blankfield as Hyde (he plays Jekyll too; but Hyde steals the show), a character who is an off the charts cartoony, mega-horny, super violent, completely un-P.C. madman. You really can’t take your eyes off from this performance, as he tries to one-up himself from one scene to the next; with the awards ceremony finale a real show stopper.

As wonderful as Blankfield’s performance is; it also works against the film. Anytime ol’ Hyde isn’t on the screen the film feels like it’s sort of spinning its wheels; passing time until the next insane outburst.; or maybe that’s just the way it seems too me since I loved that wacky bastard so much.

This is the space where I’d normally talk about the special features contained on any given release; but there is absolutely zero bonus content on this Blu-ray…so instead I’m going to talk about how very, very wrong my parents were. By my count there were exactly three naked breasts on display in this film; two were a special effect, and the one that was real is on display for maybe five seconds.

JEKYLL AND HYDE…TOGETHER AGAIN is just the type of ultra-corny, wrong-headed, yet somehow completely irresistible comedies that the 1980’s were known for. If you dig on flicks like THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS or DOCTOR DETROIT then JEKYLL AND HYDE…TOGETHER AGAIN will be a welcome addition to your collection!



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