MANKILLERS – Movie Review



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on Blu-ray (Click Here to Purchase a Copy)
  • WRITTEN BY: David A. Prior
  • DIRECTED BY: David A. Prior
  • STARRING: Edd Byrnes, Gail Fisher, Edy Williams

When a female CIA Agent has to deal with an out of control Columbian drug cartel as well as a rogue agent in their employ (who also kidnaps women for the sex trade)she does the only logical thing one would do; she assembles an all-female kill squad comprised of prison inmates (who I honestly can’t believe weren’t called The Double D Dirty Dozen). After a rigorous training regimen; our heroine leads these nasty ladies into the heart of darkness…or some field in Riverside. Bullets fly, explosions explode, and a dude is hacked up with a chainsaw SCARFACE style. Yeah; this is really freakin’ rad!!

 MANKILLERS is like the ‘80’s somehow transferred its entirety to videotape and it became an action film. It’s loaded to the F’n brim with mulleted dudes, poofy haired babes (there’s also a side pony-tail in there for good measure), a bouncy synth score (that ain’t afraid to become electronically schmaltzy…do machines even have sentiment…why am I talking about this in the middle of a review?), catastrophic levels of gun play, threadbare sets, a car chase here or there, a training montage, and an anthemic theme song that cues up whenever our heroines reach a milestone (Freedom! Freedom!). It also contains the best response to the statement “nice place you’ve got here” that I’ve ever heard, and nearly every bad guy dies while making the exact same “uh” sound effect…superb!

As great as the film is; I have to mention it also has a few “tape glitches” from whatever source Olive grabbed these elements from (which I’m certain were the only surviving ones); and where normally that may be intrusive to the whole experience for some, here it actually adds to the whole affair in my opinion.

As is usually the case with Olive’s releases; this one is light on the extras, containing only a photo gallery and the film’s trailer; but, and I know I say this a lot, while bonus content is nice and all; just having the opportunity to own such an off the wall action packed spectacle on a format like Blu-ray really is enough for me to be excited by this release.

MANKILLERS is an absolute essential for any aficionado of ‘80’s action pics (especially those put out by  Cannon) ; it’s violent, it’s action packed, it’s cheesier than a million mozzarella sticks, and its undeniable fun! Highly Recommended!



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