Let’s welcome my old fiend Shane from The Cathode Ray Mission as he examines a new take on the SOV genre!



  • RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD and Amazon Instant
  • WRITTEN BY: Dakota Bailey
  • DIRECTED BY: Dakota Bailey
  • STARRING: Dakota Bailey, Matt Marshall, Brian Knapp

Back in the 1990’s I saw my first SOV (Shot on Video) film and I hated it. Sometime later I saw another one, and hated that too; the acting was atrocious, the people were ugly, the gore terrible, and the budget nonexistent. Years later, in the magical age of DVD, I gained a new found enjoyment of “trash” films, so it was only a matter of time before I ended up giving SOV films another try.  And what do you know? I loved them!  Instead of finding them cheap and pointless, I found them an amazing time capsule of the period in which they were made. In the age of pristine picture quality it was wonderful seeing the grainy VHS quality. With the rise of Found Footage and low budget horror films, some filmmakers are once again emulating the SOV horror films of days past…which brings us to MY MASTER SATAN: 3 TALES OF DRUG FUELED VIOLENCE.

MY MASTER SATAN: 3 TALES OF DRUG FUELED VIOLENCE is a shot on VHS horror/crime anthology hybrid featuring three interconnected tales of murder, drugs, and debauchery. The first story follows be-wigged Bubba (Matt Marshall), a serial killer and drug addict. He asks his pal Alister (Dakota Bailey) to help him exhume the body of his murdered wife; whom he offed for screwing around on him.  In the second tale, Alister and his wacko friend Charlie (Brian Knapp) head out for a night of crime, resulting in home invasions and murder. The final tale finds Alister & Bubba going on a quest for some LSD. They hook up with their serial killer pal Woody (man there’s a lot of serial killers in this film) where they proceed to have a big ass acid trip and meet Satan!

This is one bizzaro-ass film. Shot on super grainy VHS, with an ultra-low budget (which of course perfectly emulates those SOV flicks I mentioned above) MY MASTER SATAN plays sort of like if Jay and Silent Bob were serial killers, listened to death metal, and hung out with Satan (in other words they were infinitely cooler).

Admittedly, I’m not a drug guy, so a lot of the drug-related humor was lost on me, but I still found things to enjoy about the film. For one thing; it’s fucking strange, which goes a long way with me; for another, writer/director Bailey obviously loves horror and SOV; and he does a great job of capturing that aesthetic.

In short; this film has its horror filled heart in the right place; and if the idea of Jay and Silent Bob on an LSD fueled murder bender sounds cool (and you know it fucking does) then give this film a shot!


To find out more about MY MASTER SATAN, visit the films Facebook page right here!


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