• RELEASE DATE: Available on DVD September 13th (Click Here to Purchase)
  • WRITTEN BY: Zaidal Obagi, Emmanuel Giorgio Sandoval, Robert A. Trezza
  • DIRECTED BY: Emmanuel Giorgio Sandoval
  • STARRING: Alana Chester, Paul Cross, Tomas Decurgez

 In THE PURGING HOUR, a family moves into a new mountain home only to be stalked by a mysterious force. Let’s see; remote, wooded, location…supernatural force. Not the most original of set-ups; but at least it isn’t a found footage film! Right? It isn’t one is it…oh fucking hell…

Presented as a faux documentary (found on the Dark Web no less); THE PURGING HOUR consists of both on camera testimonials as well as home movie footage that purports to detail the preternatural events that befall a family as they move to Mammoth Mountain, California. Well it details those events and the events of the family making and eating cheese burgers…for a VERY. LONG. TIME.

After over an hour of people droning on and on about the fact that something horrible happened to the family, and that an evil presence had something to do with it, things finally begin to happen. Oh and what astounding things they are; a couple of shadows and some sound effects. There’s also some eleventh hour blood letting.

On the even more negative side; some of the acting is as dodgy as it gets (mostly in the “testimonials”…the actors that play the family are actually good for the most part) which kind of shatters the naturalness of the illusion the film makers are hoping to create.

As you may also guess; if you are not a fan of the genre, THE PURGING HOUR isn’t going to win you over as everything that is so derided about the genre (purposely poor cinematography, standard supernatural tropes, tape “glitches”, non-stop scenes of aimless padding), in both form and function, is on full display here.

So, I guess you could say I had a really shitty time at the office with this one my creeps. And as much as sitting through THE PURGING HOUR was a chore; the real buzzkill here is having to shit on somebody’s parade. At the end of the day, folks put their time and energy into this; got it made and distributed…and that’s admirable. I just hope if they try it again they find something more original to say.



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