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  • RELEASE DATE: Available September 13th on DVD (Click Here to Learn More)
  • WRITTEN BY: Mitch Wilson
  • DIRECTED BY: Mitch Wilson
  • STARRING: Julin Jean, Justin Arnold, Tom Zembrod

 In the new fright flick KNUCKLEBONES; a gaggle o’ college goofs really decide to tempt the fates by not only drawing a pentagram on the floor and reading a few incantations but by also playing a dice game with human knuckle bones. This of course goes over as well as a fart in a submarine as an ancient skeletal monster is unleashed (who mind you had been previously conjured up by the Nazis) to unleash unholy hell over anyone unfortunate enough to be within spitting distance of his boney ass.

Filled to bursting with comely lasses, arcane rites, good ol’ gore (there’s a sex scene slaughter you just have to see my creeps), comic book style storytelling, and a really excellent creature (realized with great practical effects work) who brings the sadism as well as the quips; KNUCKLEBONES is just the type of flick that would have been at home on video store shelves of the ‘80’s, and would have been a top renter to boot based on those reasons listed above. On a side note; this thing is beautifully shot as well; but Dagon knows that really ne’er sways my opinion.

If there’s a negative to this flick; it’s that it takes a bit for the monster to appear on the scene (minus a brief flash here and there towards the beginning of the film); but I guess it’s a positive as well as I liked the damn crazy creature so much I wanted more of him!

KNUCKLEBONES is exactly the type of creature feature slash-a-thon we got spoiled with in those moldy, oldie days of three decades previous; and if you grew up then (or became a fan of flicks like A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET or PUMPKINHEAD ) this film cannot be highly recommended enough!



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