Recently I had the pleasure of checking out a new short fright flick by the name of DEATH METAL; a hell-acious tale of a demonic guitar and the rocker who uses it to bring absolute carnage to all that are unfortunate enough to get in his way…oh, and it’s really funny too. Well, as fate (and a Facebook message) would have it; I’m joined in the Crypt o’ XIII today by that flicks director; Chris McInroy!

DANIEL XIII:  Please tell my demented Coffin Club how you came up with the story for your short DEATH METAL!

CHRIS MCINROY: Our last short film, BAD GUY #2, was on the end of its festival run and I was getting the itch to make another one. I knew I wanted to make one that was super short and crazy and hopefully leaving the audience wanting more. I knew I wanted to try and get even more blood and gore in this one. And I also wanted to use some of the same actors. One night I was walking down the long creepy ass hallway to my apartment and to distract myself from any ghosts or serial killers that may be coming up behind me I started thinking of things I like. I like metal. I like gore. I like comedy. I like practical effects. I like movies that have demons. I want a movie that has all those things. And I know other people like all that stuff too. So I looked behind me real quick before I unlocked my door to make sure The Strangers weren’t standing at the end of the hallway and I went in and wrote the first draft.

XIII: Can you take us through the creation of the ghoulish guitar that causes so much murderous mayhem?

CM: The guitar went through a few different ideas. We were deciding if it should be something that had been passed down from the Viking days and it would all be made of petrified wood with hand carved satanic symbols or if it would be something super shiny and chrome with everything sharp and smooth like the devil made it out of some sort of element that only hell has or if it should just be a crappy guitar from the 60’s that the great-grandpa already had. But the idea I liked the best is it’s been around forever and its carved out of hell stone from one of Satan’s minions and it’s just a straight up bad ass pentagram. The guitar is actually made out of Styrofoam mostly, and different magic things from the production design team. I still have it. It’s in my closet. Sometimes I hear noises in there at night.

XIII: With the absolutely insane amounts of gory goulash and buckets of blood tossed around in here, often to shocking and downright wrong; albeit hilarious ways, was there ever an instance of a gag that you felt would be “too much”?

CM: I didn’t ever think that anything would be too much. I knew the audience that would be seeing this would enjoy some crazy shit. And yes its murder (very violent murder) but it’s over the top just enough to be comedy. I’m a huge fan of the EVIL DEAD movies, things like when he shoots at his hand in the wall in EVIL DEAD 2 and a river of blood shoots out or in ARMY OF DARKNESS when he shoots the deadite that falls into the pit and an explosion of blood flies out, its so much more blood than what a body holds that it becomes glorious comedy. If some of the things that happen in DEATH METAL happened in a gritty drama or something they would seem way worse!

XIII: Please tell me you are planning on turning DEATH METAL into a full length-feature!

CM: I don’t have any plans right now to make it a feature. But I’m super happy you’d like to see a feature of it! Ya never know…

XIII: Are you a fan of the heavy metal horror genre (on of my all-time favorites as many of you creeps know), and if so what are some of your favs?

CM: I am. I haven’t seen all of the ones that are considered to be in that genre but my favorite of them and really of any genre is THE GATE.

XIII: THE GATE is one of my fav fright flicks ever!

CM:  I love it so much. I have the Mondo print of it next to my bed, so those little demons are the last thing I see at night. That copyright thing below the title in DEATH METAL is a fake company, The Terry Natas Group. Terry is named after the character Terry in THE GATE. Another favorite, which may be considered more punk than metal, is RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. It’s my favorite zombie movie. Hail Tarman!

XIII: What do you have planned next?

CM: Next thing I’m aiming for is my first feature length movie. It’s gonna be similar to my last 2 shorts in that it’s a gory horror comedy using practical effects. I’m writing it now but it’s been in my head for years. I bought the domain 8 years ago and have been renewing it every year. It’s about a hospital janitor’s fight for survival against a bunch of werewolves. It’s called INTENSIVE CAREWOLVES.

XIII:  that is one of the greatest titles I’ve ever heard! Fangs for hangin’ in the Crypt and chattin’ with your’s cruelly!

Listen up boils and ghouls; be sure to visit the Facebook page for  INTENSIVE CAREWOLVES  right here, and while you’re there hop on over to the DEATH METAL page located right here! Also follow Chris on Twitter!


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